Website Ranks the Top Ten Least Obedient Breeds of Dog

dogs pyrenees

Dogs are man’s best friend, but some are much more loyal than others when it comes to following orders.

If you’ve ever had multiple dogs over the course of your life, you’ve probably recognized this at some point. I know I have.

Recently, the website ranked the top 35 least obedient breeds of dog, and came up with a top ten that is sure to get people talking. And even now, there is Brain training for dogs, yep, it’s a thing. This video training reveals all, click to visit. 

Number ten on the list is a smaller dog with a distinctive facial appearance, almost looking as if it has a gentleman’s mustache.

scottish terrier

This dog is described as spunky, affectionate, and independent, so it tends to be more than a little bit less than obedient at various times as you might have imagined.

That dog is the Scottish terrier. 

They weigh between 19 and 22 pounds and have a ton of energy.

scottish terrier

Number nine on the list is the mellow, intelligent and gentle old English sheepdog. 

old english sheepdog

They can weigh between 60 and 100 pounds and live between 10 to 12 years or more.

Initially bred for driving cattle and sheep, these dogs are quite energetic and like doing their own thing. They can also get into a lot of trouble as puppies.

Number eight on the list is the Maltese. 

maltese obedience training

These dogs weigh less than seven pounds and live between 12 and 15 years, but they have a problem following orders.

If you keep them unleashed, they just might take off on you.

They are very affectionate, but also suffer from quite a bit of separation anxiety and bark a lot when left alone.

maltese dog

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Number seven on the list is the French bulldog. 

This dog shares its name with the current college football national championship team, and has a long history as a spoiled and at times disobedient companion dog.

Perhaps that’s why they have gotten so good at perfecting their sad face when they want attention.

These dogs work best with owners who are firm and consistent during the training process.


Number six on this list is the pug.

These dogs have developed a reputation for sometimes having health problems, but can live 13-15 years when taken care of properly.

They are described as an irresistible and sensitive dog that often finds its way into mischievous situations.

I remember my good friend Mike’s pug as being incredibly friendly but also way too persistent in jumping up on me all the time.

If you get one, be prepared to spend a lot of time with him or her because they need a lot of attention. You have to be very firm with a pug at times because they don’t listen to commands especially well and will want to follow you around at all times.

That being said, pugs are one of my favorite dogs on this list.

Number five on this list is the Akita breed.

akita dog

These marvelously fluffy companions are described as loyal, alert, and loving.

These dogs were originally bred to protect royal Japanese families. They are adept at hunting wild game, but need an experienced trainer to maximize their abilities.

akita 2

(By the way, thanks for staying with us up to this point. Before we reveal the top four dogs, we would just like to say thanks again for reading and we hope you’re having an awesome day!


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every dog breed book of the least obedient breeds

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Number four on the list is the relatively unknown Lakeland Terrier.

These fearless and intelligent dogs have a lot of energy and can oftentimes be found barking or digging to let go of excess energy.

With the right training, these dogs are perfect in a domestic setting and fun for the whole family.

Are you ready for the top three?

Number three on this list is a dog I’ve been around often, as my aunt who lives in the Tampa Bay area is the proud owner of one.

The third dog on the list of the least obedient breeds is the Lhasa Apso. 

lhasa apso obedience training

With its shaggy appearance and aloof disposition, these dogs can often be found wandering far away from where the action is at times.

It takes a lot of love and persistence to make these dogs obedient, and they absolutely love treats as a reward.

Treat them right and you’ll be rewarded with a faithful and joyful canine companion.

lhasa apso

Number two on the list is a charming and handsome medium-sized dog described as mischievous and spunky: the bull terrier. 

These dogs weigh 50-70 pounds. They constantly push the limit during training to see how much they can get away with, much to the chagrin of their owners.

bull terrier obedience school

If you get a bull terrier, just know that you’ll be committing to a dog that needs a lot positive reinforcement and a lot of training, as they have been compared to toddlers who often find themselves in troublesome situations.

The payoff is worth it, however, as these are beautiful and fun dogs.

bull terrier

Now, it’s time to finally time to reveal the number one dog on this list.

Without further ado, we present to you, the Great Pyrenees!

great pyrenee

These gorgeous dogs are furry and mostly cold-proof, but also difficult to rein in at times.

They are described as patient, intelligent and laid-back, and live 10 to 12 years.

These dogs were originally bred to guard sheep against predators in mountain climates, and don’t always follow their owners’ instructions.

Once they learn your commands, they will be devoted and respectful companions for life,

Despite their relative lack of obedience, these are gorgeous dogs that you will not forget anytime soon.

They often end up in rescue shelters because of overbreeding and neglect, but these dogs are one of the most beautiful and regal breeds to own if you know how to treat them right and invest the necessary effort into training them.

Take a bow, Great Pyrenees, and congrats on reaching the top spot on this list!

dogs pyrenees

Thanks for reading! P.S., If you’d like to see the full list of the top 35 least obedient dogs, check out the full article from 

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