People Are Sharing The Photos That Made Their Stomach Drop In Fear

The Internet has become a widely used space where people share all kinds of media influenced by their personal experiences. Some are wholesome; some are sad and stressful. However, one of the themes that attract most people is horror. Whether it’s shared in video, audio or image format, it always gets engagement from online users.

It’s because this type of media is both thrilling and mysterious, which most people like. So without further ado, let us introduce you to some of the popular photos that will make your stomach drop in fear.

Let’s move ahead and explore these scary images.

The Car Accident


Someone shared a picture of a car that was turned over due to a serious accident. The person who took the picture was on the way back home from off-roading. The road to the accident spot was surrounded by jungle. The picture itself wasn’t that scary but its background story was definitely chilling. They said that the car’s exhaust was still warm and the radio was still playing songs, but there was no one to be seen.

The Thick Fog

The picture has been shared by a person who was part of a construction team. They were building a fulfillment center for Amazon. The building area was 650,000 sq feet. The person went up to the fifth floor and found the fog there was quite scary. They took the picture and shared it here on the web. The thick fog made it difficult for them to see through the surrounding. This could have possibly led to unfortunate accidents on the construction site.

Reddit user writes:

I am currently working construction at a new Amazon fulfillment center (650,000 sq ft). This is the fourth of fifth floor. That is fog in the background.

The Baby Monitor:

Baby monitors have been a delightful invention for parents who stay busy yet want to keep an eye on their kids’ safety. But, many paranoiac stories captured in baby monitors are also the reason that made them popular. The next picture in the list of photos that will make your stomach drop in fear is also related to a scary baby monitor story. One of the parents shared the picture where the stuffed dog in their daughter’s room was rolled under the bed. It looked like a scary face staring right into the baby monitor. When they checked the footage, they almost felt like skipping a heartbeat.

The Ceiling Door:

One of the users shared a picture of a door built in their school’s ceiling. They said that their school is about 98 years old. The interesting thing about this is nobody in the school staff knows where this door opens to. They said till date, no one, including even janitors, has used it. But, during one of the school days, they saw that the door was opened mysteriously. And nobody has any idea of how that happened. It is hard to see inside the room where this door opens as it is too dark in there. No one having knowledge about the door makes it more creepy.

The Fingers: 


A person shared another horrifying picture in our list of photos that will make your stomach drop in fear. They went to one of their customer’s homes and saw human fingers kept standing on a wooden plate. There were three fingers belonging to different people. They also found sculpted human hands and feet. These were artificial but looked so real that they could freak anyone out. The person who shared the picture said that this customer is a serial killer without a doubt.

The Unknown Toy 


A family moved into a new house and found something odd there. The person has shared a picture of a toy that was already present in the house. It sounds like a horror movie plot where the doll has some evil power and tries to kill anyone who lives in the house. The toy shown in the picture was found when the person’s mother was raking leaves from the yard of their new home. They named the toy Geneva. But they don’t know what kind of toy that actually is.

An MRI In A Fetus


One of the most strange and scary pictures listed in these photos that will make your stomach drop in fear is the MRI scan of a baby inside the womb. The picture shows a scary face with its eyes wide open. It looks like it is angry and staring right into your eyes. Though it might be due to an odd match of patterns in the scan copy, the picture can definitely scare anyone.

The Headless Dog


A picture of a headless dog has been circulating on the Internet, making people confused and panicked. But fortunately, the picture is an illusion, and the dog hasn’t lost its head. It is a pup who recently went through his front leg surgery. His leg was amputated. When the owner was clicking the picture, the dog suddenly turned around and licked his side. Due to this, its picture from the front looks like it is headless. Someone used the drawing diagram to demonstrate the actual scenario to end the online panic due to the picture.

Victorian Ghost

(Not the original picture)
How many times did you get the chills down your spine when you noticed an unfamiliar figure in your darkened room, but it was just your laundry? Maybe more than once, especially when we were kids. Something similar can be seen in this picture. The guy who posted it said that he felt his body stiff when he noticed a ghostly figure floating at his bed’s end in his room. He said it looked like a Victorian ghost. However, after a few minutes of being in fear, he realized that it was nothing but his clothes floating on the door.


Stairs In The Woods Leading To Nowhere

In recent years, many pictures of staircases have gone viral due to their construction in the middle of the forest. The scariest thing about these staircases is that they don’t lead you to any place; they are not a part of some other structures. This one is one of those pictures. A few people did climb such staircases. They have reported feeling nauseous and unwelcomed when they reach the top of the stairs.

People also have the theory that says these stairs lead people to another dimension of hell. Some even say that people who climb such stairs will get missing. Whichever story you believe, there’s no doubt that this picture is one of the most interesting to see in this list of photos that will make your stomach drop in fear.

The Tunnel


The picture is of the Hoover Dam spillway tunnel. It is 600 feet deep and 50 feet wide. The person who shared its picture mentioned that when you go near the tunnel, you can hear the sound of rushing water down inside of it. There’s complete darkness when you look into it, and if you take the walkway above it, you get the sense of scale.

The Whole At The Front Door


The photo posted by the person is of a tiny hole drilled at their front door. Interestingly,
The owner of the house has no idea where this hole came from all of a sudden or who did this. They were on vacation when their door had no such holes earlier. It increases the doubt of someone spying on them. Or it could be someone mischievous who took advantage of a lone home and did it for fun.

The Bleeding Egg


Another scarring picture in our series of photos that will make your stomach drop in fear is a bleeding egg. The person who took the picture said that one of the eggs started to bleed when he tried to crack it open by hitting it against the bowl. People on the web said that it could be due to the egg being fertilized. Some also said the person might have kept the farm eggs in his kitchen for so long that it started the process of fertilization.

The Dry Stingray


You must have seen stingrays freely swimming in the ocean in many marine life-capturing shows. They look like a kite due to their body shape and long tail. But, the picture of a dried stingray looks no less than a nightmare. It looks like a creepy alien whose skeleton has been hanged.

The article has shared the top photos that will make your stomach drop in fear circulating on the Internet. Though we can see most of these pictures created confusion and were not actually paranoiac, they are enough to entice fear in anyone watching them. Some of them have mysterious stories behind them that are still not known, for example, stairs in the woods and the door at the ceiling of the school. All of these pictures are interesting and worth sharing with your friends.

Do you know about any other such pictures? If yes, let us know. Also, feel free to tell us which one of the lists, as mentioned earlier, you found the most fearing.

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