Breaking News: Family of Gilbert Gottfried Confirms That the Comedian Has Passed Away at the Age of 67


Gilbert Gottfried may not be the most famous actor of all-time, but he certainly is one of the most memorable.

Known for his outgoing personality and unmistakably exaggerated loud, shrill and nasally voice, Gottfried was famous for his roles on everything from game shows to reality TV shows, sitcoms, movies, stand up comedy shows, and more.

Unfortunately, his prosperous and unforgettable career has now come to an end.

Gottfried’s family confirmed the sad news of his passing on Tuesday evening. Gottfried was 67, but he leaves behind a legacy of laughs, fun, and a persona that will never be duplicated by another actor.

His family posted the following graphic on his Twitter account, which has over 435,000 followers.

gottfried gil

Gottfried was also known for his self-deprecating jokes at times.

He rubbed elbows with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood, as a Twitter post prior to his death announcement showed.


Gottfried was perhaps best known for a role in one of the most influential and popular animated movies of all-time, Disney’s ‘Aladdin.’

He served as the voice of Iago the parrot in that film; one of its most expressive and exciting characters.

gottfried gilbert

Gottfried also was a consistent presence at comedy roasts, awards shows, and similar events. He was a jack-of-all-trades funny man who everyone seemed to know and love despite his relative anonymity.

The comedian’s representative, Glenn Schwartz, shared just after his death that the actor passed away due to a heart abnormality called recurrent ventricular tachycardia, adding that it was more specifically identified as an arrhythmia caused by myotonic dystrophy Type 2.

Thanks so much for all the laughs and good times, Gilbert; you will certainly be missed.

“Gilbert’s brand of humor was brash, shocking and frequently offensive, but the man behind the jokes was anything but,” Gottfried’s friend and podcast co-host Frank Santopadre said in a statement.

“Those who loved and him were fortunate enough to share his orbit knew a person who was sweet, sensitive, surprisingly shy and filled with a childlike sense of playfulness and wonder.”

Gottfried is survived by wife Dara, daughter Lily, 14, son Max, 12, sister Karen and nephew Graham.

Gottfried and his wife Dara Kravitz.


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