Here’s Who Inherited Prince’s Massive Fortune After He Died at His Mansion a Few Short Years Ago

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The singer Prince is one of the most adored figures in the history of music.

Born under the real name Prince Rogers Nelson, the R&B crooner changed his name to a symbol in order to further differentiate himself from other artists back in 1993.

On April 21, 2016, Prince was tragically found dead in his mansion at the age of 57 after an apparent overdose of the drug fentanyl.

Since then, few have revisited the singer’s life, or asked about what happened following his death for that matter.

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The Many Unanswered Questions Following the Death of Prince, aka Prince Rogers Nelson 

Since Prince’s death, many people have wondered what happened to the financial and musical empire he built over his 57 years on this planet.

What happened to his wealth? Who holds the rights to his music catalogue?

And why did the singer keep so much of his life a secret over the years?

At the time of Prince’s death, his net worth was estimated to be around $156 to 163.2 million dollars.


Prince Left No Will After His Death — Leaving Control of His Fortune Up For Grabs 

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Prince was unmarried and childless at the time of his death, further complicating matters.

His lone son, Amiir, died shortly after birth in 1996, a few days after he was diagnosed with Pfeiffer Syndrome Type 2, a severe form of craniosynostosis (Cloverleaf skull), which caused severe physical anomalies and additional malformations of the limbs.

Prince had no one to leave his fortune to — on paper, at least.

Eventually, a decision was made.

Prince’s estate would be divvied up between his six siblings and half-siblings, while the Comerica Bank & Trust continued to manage it.

From there, an intense battle raged on over who owned what, with the fate of the artist’s timeless works up for grabs.

Learn more about what happened in the video below, and be sure to share this information with any Prince fans in your life if you found it as interesting as I did!

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