Liberal Professor Confesses Liberal Students Terrify Him

The Washington Times reported that liberal professors outweigh conservative professors 12 to 1. In other words, 92% of professors are liberal and just 8% are conservative. As a parent paying for a child in university you’d like to see more of a balanced perspective, not incredibly slanted towards one side.

A liberal professor at a midsize state school has chosen to speak out about what seems to be going too far. They’ve been teaching classes at this school for 9 years and have actually won teaching awards, excelling in their work. They also score high on their student evaluations and have studied pedagogy extensively. Pedagogy is the technical term for the study of teaching.

Before Liberals Took Over Universities

As the years have progressed the number of liberals in University lecturing positions has multiplied. Liberal professors used to be the minority in universities. It used to be 39% liberal, then 44% and now it’s up to a whopping 92%.

Before liberal professors used to be able to ask open-ended questions and create a healthy dialogue with the class and student body. Now, students get ‘offended’ and these ‘offenses’ are seen as ‘mental attacks’ that come back on all professors, liberal or not.

Feelings Have Become More Important Than Facts

A popular phrase going around the web nowadays is ‘data doesn’t care about feelings’ and it’s important to note the difference between data and emotions. In today’s world data emotionally triggers people. It’s data, it’s information. Learn to process it and discern what it’s trying to teach you as opposed to being offended by numbers. Just because you don’t like those numbers, or perhaps even disagree with those numbers does not make those numbers wrong.

When Being Politically Correct Goes Wrong

Even John Lennon recently spoke out about (in our latest story here) about how political correctness has gone wrong. He shared that it is making the world worse.

There’s Also A Difference Between “Hate Speech” and “Speech That You Hate”

Another challenging idea for people to wrap their mind around is there is a difference between ‘hate speech’ and speech that you hate. This is because society has become soft and emotionally challenged by new ideas. There is a very big difference between speech that you dislike, that you hate and actual ‘hate speech’ and because of the fear of punishment many people do not speak out, speak their voice and speak their mind.

What used to be an open and healthy dialogue has now become a constricted set of ideas that simply become accepted and ‘passed on’ without question or creative input.

There is no evolutionary process, there is no growth, no new perspectives, simply acceptance and repetitive thoughts around these ideas.

We’re Starving Our Geniuses

Because of this our universities are starving our geniuses. They are getting a politically slanted perspective that doesn’t allow them to see the full political landscape. They are then told ideas, ideologies, be it political correctness or issues around race, abortion, anything and they simply accept it without questioning.

The Best Schools Teach People How To Think Not What To Think

The best schools focus on how to think and evolving minds as opposed to simply sharing information and expecting it to be repeated and continued. A ‘how to think’ teaching mindset as opposed to a ‘what to think’ teaching mindset is important because when the pupil is taught how to think they are then given a wider range of perspective and creative inputs to stimulate their mind. If they are taught and continue what we know, nothing changes, nothing evolves, nothing grows.

All innovation and creative thought has to come from beyond what is and lead into ‘what may be’ and not get caught in ideologies or pragmatism.

Einstein Wouldn’t Have Been Caught in The Mundane

Many years ago our greatest thinkers didn’t have to deal with politically polarizing flames that we need to put out today. Political correctness, emotionally undeveloped adults and emotional charge surrounding simple data.

Einstein was quoted as saying:



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