Parents Outraged As Target Creates Risky Children’s Clothing Line That Promotes Unlawful Gay/Transgender Agenda On Their Kids To Wear

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In a world where sexual preference, identity, and acceptance have become important topics of discussion, the introduction of a clothing line at Target promoting LGBTQ/transgender is targeted at children, and has ignited the flame in Parents pushing back and boycotting the once popular store.

While personal choices and expressions are matters between individuals and their beliefs, the involvement of children in this context raises big concerns, and is a large cause for concern in their well-being, confusion, and the influence on parents. It also prompts some questioning about Target’s motives in personally hiring a transgender artist named “abprallnuk” that promotes transgender pride and satanic symbolism to children.


In preparing for “Pride Month”, the Target store has released a wide ranging pride-themed line. From adult clothing that promoting the word “Queer, Lesbian, and Trans’, transgender bathing suits with a “tuck-feature”, (imagine me trying to explain what that means to my 4 year old son), home decor, pet supplies, and a whole line of clothing dedicated to children and infants.


I have no problem with any concenting adult doing whatever makes them happy, as long as they are not hurting themselves or anyone else. Be gay, Be trans. But let kids be kids and stop making it such a big damn deal about what they identify as or support!
Being a kid is confusing, going thru puberty is confusing, and ideas that people have about themselves change through time, through them growing up and growing into their bodies.
This very current situation is confusing for parents also. Now, every time my son picks up his sisters Barbie or your daughter wants to play monster trucks instead of dress up, we’ve got to worry our children are going to think they need to be labeled as TRANS.
And with Target’s line of childrens clothing promoting just that, you can bet your ass it’s going to effect all of the children that are exposed to it, not just the ones wear it.
It’s the same tactic that is used in marketing with repetition and consistency. They plant those seeds and eventually turn window shoppers into customers. Except in this case they are planting seeds and with each view, each exposure, they are building up their belief and their COMFORT in the agenda. If they see it and hear it enough, they begin to believe it.
They are brainwashing children AND parents. The mental and physical affects of this are lifelong. Parents are allowing their kids to get on hormone blockers as young as EIGHT YEARS OLD! The idea that this is somehow ok is just ludacris to me!

Here is what St. Louis Children’s Hospital says about Puberty Blockers on their website.

Puberty can be confusing or difficult for a child who is transgender, gender-queer, non-binary or questioning their gender. Puberty blockers, also called hormone blockers, help delay unwanted physical changes that don’t match someone’s gender identity. Delaying these changes can be an important step in a young person’s transition. It can also give your child more time to explore their options before deciding whether or how to transition.” – St. Louis Childrens Hospital
We should NOT make lifelong, life altering, irreversible decisions for CHILDREN and we definitely don’t influence them to be even more confused about themselves and their bodies than they already are!
As the news of Target’s twisted agenda spreads like wildfire through social media, people are taking to target on their own and seeing the very large display as soon as you walk into the store. People all over the United States are taking a stand against the corporate giant, showing the other companies that we won’t stand for this blatant blasphemy being spewed to the views of our children.
If you agree with anything that was written in this article, please join the growing population of our country in standing up to Target by not shopping there, or any other places/companies that behave in a way that is threatening to our children and future!


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