Ranked: The Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

AWhen it comes to having a dog it’s good to know the specific traits of dogs and which dog breed is best for your and your family. Some people want a dog that is more dangerous to have in place for protection, while most people just want a family friendly dog that they can love, pet, play with and feel safe while it’s in the yard with their children.

Today we’re exploring the top 10 most dangerous breeds of dog. This list is valuable for understanding, but also keep in mind that the environment that these dogs are raised in does determine and dictate how they act in the world. A dog that is malicious and violent was most likely raised in an environment where that is normal. If dogs are raised in a healthy and loving environment they will be healthy and loving no matter their breed.

With that in mind let’s explore the dogs that can defend your family ruthlessly, if need be.

  1. Dobermann: The Frankenstein Monster BreedFirst established in 1890 in Germany by a tax collector named Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann. The man mixed the Rottweiler, Black and Tan Terrier, and German Pinscher. This breed proved quite dangerous and became quite the protector on the job for this tax collector. Today they are police dogs as well as dogs that are utilized by the military. 
  2. Wolfdog: Domestic Dogs Bred With Wolves German sheperds, huskies and other breeds are bred with a variety of wolves. They have a bad reputation and have been banned in certain spots around the world. They rank high in dog bit statistics list.
  3. Great Dane: The Gentle GiantThey’ve had a long breeding history since the 1600’s. They’re big and generally friendly but they were bred for boar hunting. They became friendlier as boar hunting decreased. They can become quite large dogs.
  4. Canary Mastiff: Ferocity! The canary mastiff was forced into dog fighting and was an obvious choice for the blood sport. Years of fighting did diminish their population. It has since come back and has become friendlier. There’s no dog that looks more like a mythical beast than this dog.
  5. Pitbull: Short, Fast and StrongPitbulls were used in blood sports such as fighting among other things. Pitbulls are the most popular fighting dogs. They have been stigmatized in society as a result. They are one of the bite centric canines. They are also responsible for more human fatalities than any other breed. They are banned in some cities and some entire countries.
  6. BullMastiff: Very Powerful BreedThis breed was bred in the mid 1800’s. They bred English Mastiffs with English Bulldogs. The best qualities were bred into this new breed. Those qualities include speed, strength and power. They were used in Africa to guard diamond minds. This dog averages over 100 pounds and sometimes approaches 200 pounds. They are mostly calm, but when provoked can be very strong.
  7. Dogo Argentino: The Pitbull of South AmericaDogo Argentino was first bred in 1928 in Argentina. It was bred for boar hunting. It was bred with a boxter, mastiff, bull terrier and others. They get to around 90 pounds of pure muscle. Unfortunately this breed has been used in dog fighting. It can make a social, loyal, loving pet however.
  8. Rottweiler: They Rank 2nd Behind Pitbulls For Attack Statistics The Rottweiler is a mix of ancient dogs from German cities to heard livestock. Being bred for their strength they become quite large. The largest one on record weighted 195 pounds. They have become a great companion.
  9. Boerboel: The ‘South African Mastiff’ Boerboel translates from South African to “Farmers Dog” and it’s hard to determine their lineage. It’s believed that the Boerbol is a combination of a variety of breeds. They can get up to 175 pounds and were bred to hunt LIONS! How crazy is that? They are quite social and loyal dogs. They can mane people that threaten them or their property.
  10.  Dingo-Dog: Wild Dog Cross-Breed This abundant hybrid was mated with wild breeds. Some dogs have been intentionally bred with Dingo’s. For every cross-breed that is intentional there are many that aren’t. They are quite comfortable around humans however.

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