Ten Surprising Things We Had No Clue We’ve Been Doing Wrong

sleep on stomach

The word “wrong” is an interesting one based on a great deal of subjectivity, especially since everyone does things their own way and there is often “more than one way to skin a cat,” as the old saying goes.

Oftentimes, people do things out of habit, without realizing that there is a better way.

We want to believe that we know everything, but it is never too late to learn something new, especially when it’s a convenient life hack.

Recently, the website Brightside.me released an article shedding light on what they just realized are better ways to do things, so be prepared to have your mind blown.

These surprising ways of doing things different could help save time or money in both the short and long-term, in several different ways.

It all starts with knowing the right way to walk, believe it or not!

1. What is the right way to walk? Some people walk heel to toe, which is a technique used mainly by animals. But the truly correct way to walk is by striking our heels first and then moving forward by placing our feet to the ground and then pushing off with our toes.

heel to toe

This is called the heel-to-toe walk, and it’s more efficient than toe-to-hell because the stride uses less energy.

It also reduces the force on your ankles, which can especially come in handy if you’re wearing high heeled shoes.

2. Storing your ice cream container in a baggie before putting it in the freezer helps keep ice cream soft.

After opening an ice cream container, we might want to eat the whole thing, even though that’s typically not the best course of action for our health.

This time, try putting it back into the freezer instead. You can make it softer by using a plastic beg, preferably not actual plastic but a biodegradable bag like this one.

3. Tap moisturizer on your skin instead of rubbing it; this way the product will be absorbed better and blood flow will be increased.

If you’re going to use moisturizer, use an organic one (I like this particular brand) because you don’t want any toxic chemicals seeping into your bloodstream.

4. Clean a blender with dishwashing liquid and water, instead of putting it into the dishwasher. Simply press the blend button, and the blender will be cleaned quickly and easily.

5. Eat cupcakes like a sandwich, by first separating them from the wrapper and then pulling off the bottom of the cupcake and putting it on top. The cupcake will look like a sandwich and taste even better.


6. Avoid sleeping on your stomach at all costs; this way you will avoid straining your back and spine.

7. Use coffee ice cubes in your iced coffee, this way the coffee’s flavor will be kept strong throughout. The ice cubes add to it even more!

8. Breathe from your abdomen; it’s more efficient than breathing from your chest. It’s otherwise known as “deep belly breathing,” and it’s really effective. Most people breathe from a shallow, surface level only!

9. Slice bread upside down, this way, you will start on the tougher side instead of on the bottom. This makes it a lot easier for the bread to maintain its shape.

bread life hacks

Also, it’s highly recommended to wait until he bread has cooled to room temperature before slicing it.

10. Roll up clothes while packing, this will help you to save space. It’s called ranger rolling, and it will help to make your bag look more organized.

Thank you for reading, and to see more tips like these, check out the original article here.

Do you know any additional life hacks like these that might come in handy?

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