Birth Rate Hits Record Low as More Americans Increasingly Say They Don’t Want Kids

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Have you noticed more people putting off having children in recent years?

If so, you’re not alone: it could be a growing trend more than a decade since birth rates began declining, according to a new poll from a major research organization.

Birth rates have steadily declined since 2008’s recession, but in 2020 the birth rate hit yet another record low, falling 4% from the previous year.

Now, some experts are concerned about the alarming number of adults younger than 50 without children who appear to have no plans to conceive children anytime in the near future.

Child-Free Adults Increasingly Unlikely to Avoid Parenthood, Report Says

According to a new Pew Research Center survey conducted in October and release this month, 44% of adults younger than 50 without children answered either “not too likely” or “not at all likely” when asked a question about having children.

The survey posed the question, “Thinking about the future, how likely is it that you will have children someday?”

The 44% number is up from 37% compared to a similar 2018 survey.

The reasoning this time around was perhaps even more surprising: the majority of adults who without kids who say they don’t plan to have them gave the following reason: they simply don’t want kids.

Other reasons for not wanting kids included the following:

-Medical reasons (19%)
-Economic or financial reasons (17%)
-No partner (15%)
-There or their partner’s age (10%)
-The state of the world (9%)
-The state of the environment (5%)
-Their partner not wanting kids (2%)

The study analyzed responses from 3,866 U.S. adults under 50, according to a report from

“Among parents and non-parents alike, men and women are equally likely to say they will probably not have kids (or more kids) in the future,” the report said.

“Perhaps not surprisingly, adults in their 40s are far more likely than younger ones to say they are unlikely to have children or to have more children in the future.”

In Their Own Words: Today’s Women Explain Why They Don’t Want Kids

Recently, Buzzfeed interview over fifteen women asking them why they don’t want kids.

Some of their responses were quite harsh and seemed to be rooted in a healthy dislike for the possible future experience of being a mother, others were quite practical and reasonable in nature.

Here’s what a few of them had to say.

1. “I’ve known I don’t want kids my entire life — I dislike everything about children. I don’t want to put myself through pregnancy, and I don’t want to put all of my time and money into raising one. It’s not my dream or my passion, and there are millions of other people out there who can do that instead. I will live my life how I want, just like they do” – A user named Isabel

2. “All my life I’ve never wanted children, but I’ve always had to deal with people telling me I’ll change my mind. I’m turning 30 soon, and to no surprise, my mind hasn’t changed! It makes me question why people want my mind to change when I’m so passionately against this decision — if I had a kid, I would regret it.” -A user named Katrina


3. “I personally don’t want kids. I have too many health issues that take up all of my energy. I also just don’t want kids — period. I was an only child and unfortunately I wasn’t around kids growing up, and now as a teacher, I know I couldn’t do it. I don’t have that in me, and that’s okay. I don’t feel ashamed for knowing that.” -A user named zabrinan

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