TikToker Issues Warning About Popular Exercise Class After it Nearly Kills Her

rhabdo spin class

There are more ways to work out now than ever before, and that can be both a good thing and a bad thing for the fitness inclined.

Typically, there were more barriers, club fees and dues, and other obstacles to signing up for advanced fitness classes than there are now, which means that people can often end up in classes for which they are not fully prepared.

One TikTok user named Kaelyn shined the spotlight on a potentially harmful type of exercise class recently that she said almost lead to her death, as shared in an article on Yahoo.com.

According to Kaelyn, she developed rhabdomyolysis, a relatively rare muscle injury, that releases proteins into her blood and kidneys while taking a spin class.

The condition nearly killed her, she said, adding that she was in the hospital for a week according to the article.

Roughly 26,000 cases of the condition, also known as “rhabdo,” happen each year according to the Cleveland Clinic, which can be quite serious in nature as Kaelyn’s story demonstrated.

“Not me thinking I gained muscle during a spin class,” she said in a caption of a photo of that appears to show a defined leg muscle.

“Not me almost losing my leg and my life the next day.”

Her video has attracted millions of views and hundreds of people commenting on it.

“Spin class was sent straight from the devil,” one user said.

“Spin classes are brutal. I thought I had a hernia from one,” another wrote according to the article.

Check out the video below.

@kofranco_Reply to @anadigaur2 Spin Class Dangers‼️##rhabdomyolysis ##fyp ##spinclass♬ original sound – KAELYN

The top causes of rhabdo are crush injury, overexertion, alcohol abuse and certain medicines and toxic substances, according to the American Family Physician website.

Other users also shared similar experiences they or their loved ones endured from spin class, so be sure to be extra careful while enjoying your workouts, prepare with quality nutrition and rest beforehand, and be sure to know the risks.

“Spin class did the same to me! I was in the hospital nearly a week. Keep in mind the class was labeled a ‘beginners’ class,” one user said.

“My aunt was hospitalized five days due to rhabdo from a spin class. The amount of people saying this happened to them is WILD,” a third person commented.

Learn more about the symptoms of rhabdo here.

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