Uninhabited Scottish Island Goes On Sale for $70,000, Complete with Dolphins and Basking Sharks

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Scotland is roughly the same size as South Carolina, about 30,000 square miles overall, but land ownership is uneven to say the least.

According to a report from USA Today, about half of all land in the country is owned by just 432 people.

The country is teeming with beautiful countryside, but owning land is incredibly difficult for both natives and outsiders alike.

Recently, a prime piece of Scottish real estate hit the market, however, and it has people talking.

In this case, it’s a 22-acre island that is completely vacant of people, steeped with some of the most incredible views and wildlife you’ve ever laid eyes upon.

Isle of Càrn Deas Hits the Market for $70,000

The island, known as the Isle of Càrn, is now on sale for $68,900, and was spotlighted recently on the front page of Yahoo!

Located off the west coast of Scotland, the island is about 1.5 miles from the village of Achiltibuie, which has about 300 residents.

In other words, you will never be completely alone, especially if you count the local wildlife as people.


Wildlife in the waters surrounding around the island includes:

-Basking sharks (see below)

basking shark

And much more.

The island also includes cliffs, coves, a shingle beach, and surrounding waters which would allow watersports such as sailing, scuba diving, and snorkeling, according to a press release from the Goldcrest Land & Forestry Group.

A spokesperson for Goldcrest told Insider that the island has “no buildings at all.”

The plan is to keep it as wild as possible, although there is a possibility of allowing living quarters on the property in the near future. island scotland

“It might be possible to build a small cabin but that would be subject to planning,” the Group added.

The island is part of the Summer Isles, a group of islands on the west coast that was named by local crofters, who historically grazed their sheep there in the summer.

Nearby islands include Càrn Iar and Càrn Beag, which are also uninhabited.

The island can be reached via a 25-minute boat journey from Badentarbat Pier or Old Dornie Harbor.

“Càrn Deas is very special and offers the perfect retreat for someone looking for a place where they can go when they truly want to escape from it all,” Fenning Welstead, a founder at Goldcrest, told Insider.

“There, they can enjoy their own private camping spot and immerse themselves in some of Scotland’s most beautiful surroundings.”

Could you see yourself living in a place like this?

If so, you’d better hurry, as the closing date is set for September 15, according to the Group’s website listing of the island.

Happy bidding, and don’t forget to invite me if you do end up getting it!

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