Weightlifting Mother of Eight Reveals How She Was Able to Get Pregnant Every Year for the Last Twelve Years

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A buff and fit mother is revealing her secrets after her story went viral, detailing her commitment to strength training as well as her incredibly productive (for lack of a better word) time as a mother.

The woman, now 38 years old, currently lives in Las Vegas, and has been pregnant for far longer and more often than most people might believe is possible.

She first gave birth at age 16, and has been having kids ever since. Those who know her say she looks young enough to be their sister — it’s all part of the lore that surrounds this incredible woman, who has been the subject of several viral articles in recent weeks.

Out of Her First Nine Kids, Eight of Them Survived

kora kids survived

Her name is Kora Duke, and she became pregnant for the first time back in the year 2000.

Of her first eight children, seven survived.

The loss of her child did not deter this high-achieving, fitness-oriented super Mom, however.

According to reports, she has been pregnant every year for the last twelve years, or one every single year during that time period.

Her kids are now aged 20 to 9. She continues to stay active with them, emphasizing the importance of physical fitness and having fun.

Pictured below is Kora with her eldest son.

Kora Duke and son

Kora is married to her 41-year-old husband Andre, a business consultant.

She recently shared the following video showing her eight kids, in which she points out the exact dates she was pregnant with each child.

‘It was a sudden decision to do the video, I hadn’t really realized the years I was actually pregnant before so when it hit me, I had to share it. We had a laugh doing the video.’

Duke has no qualms about putting on weight to handle the rigors of child birth.

It’s not easy, so she makes sure to stay strong and at a healthy weight to bear children no matter what.

woman 12 pregnancies

Life hasn’t always been easy for Kora and her kids, and she actually is surprised at what she’s been able to do to a certain extent.

She says her biggest regret was that she didn’t enjoy her pregnancies more. She encourages new mothers to enjoy the time they have with their kids and to love the miracle of child birth and child-rearing.

‘Life was hectic with young children, I can’t actually believe I did it all. But if I knew how hard it was with children I should’ve enjoyed each pregnancy more. New mums out there needs to enjoy their pregnancy it only gets harder after.’

Kora said she’s maintained her figure through weightlifting, which she documents on her Instagram page.

‘After my ninth child I couldn’t shift the weight. It had always been pretty simple, but this time I struggled, there just wasn’t any time.’

She works as a tax and insurance consultant.

Kora said she learned the hobby from Andre, and has continued to pursue it ever since.

In 2013, she was 105 pounds, but added muscle over the years (as well as new additions to her family in the form of her kids), and became more and more pleased with her results.

She hit 150 pounds in 2022, and typically adds weight during pregnancies.

As always, love is the secret sauce that makes her life special on a day-to-day basis, including her love for kids, husband and weightlifting.

‘I’d never thought about weight lifting,’ she said. ‘Then my husband suggested it and I’ve never looked back.’

kora duke


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