NYC Subway Has Banned Dogs Unless They Fit Inside A Bag & New York Commuters Did Not Disappoint (Photos)

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New Yorkers are known for their creativity and willingness to bend the rules, as demonstrated this past week when the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) began enforcing its policy that dogs are only allowed on subways if they can fit inside a bag.

The rule sparked an amusing challenge for NYC commuters, who found clever ways to loosely interpret what constitutes a “bag” and keep bringing their furry companions aboard. Photos and videos quickly spread on social media showing dogs poking their heads out of unzipped backpacks and duffel bags, settled into oversized purses, or crammed into small festival tote bags designed for carrying drinks.

While the MTA hoped the rule would cut down on potentially disruptive pets in the crowded subway system, it underestimated New Yorkers’ attachment to their dogs and talent for finding loopholes. The innovative dog carriers have brought some much-needed levity to commuters and sparked lively debate about the necessity of the policy.

But for now, as long as Fido can technically fit his body within some type of bag, New Yorkers will continue bringing their pets onto the train during rush hour.

new york

“Nothing To See Here”

I’m Not Sure That’s Even A Real Bag

That Dog Seems A Little Nervous

Is That A Man Purse With A Dog In It?

That’s A Good Dog!

We Love IKEA Even More Now

That’s Clearly The Dog’s Regular Sitting Place

Big Head… Tiny Body?

That Is Just Too Darn Cute!

He’s Just Happy To Here There

Just Chillin, Waiting On The Subway!

“I’m Ready!”

“Does This Bag Make My Butt Look Big?”

I Think He Sees Food!

That’s A Big Dog!

Oh My Smooshy Face!

I Fit Perfectly!

He Has The Same Expression As His Owner

“Tote” ally!

I Know What I’m Doing With My IKEA Bag!

He Just Needs A Hole For His Tail!

The amusing response to the MTA’s dog-in-bag rule shows that New Yorkers will go to great lengths for their beloved pets. While the authorities hoped to reduce disruptions from dogs, the policy severely underestimated just how attached people are to bringing their furry companions along on their daily commute. For now, as long as dogs can physically fit into some type of bag, no matter how big, small, unconventional, or hastily designed, commuters will continue toting them aboard trains.

However, the MTA argues legitimate concerns around safety and hygiene prompted the controversial policy. Large, undisciplined dogs can potentially cause issues in crowded subway cars. And not all owners are diligent about cleaning up after their pets, leaving potential messes for other riders. The creative carry-alls that abide by the letter if not the spirit of the rules are likely only a temporary solution if officials ultimately decide to fully crack down for public health reasons.

Still, the often hilarious homespun dog bags—from oversized purses to unzipped backpacks with just a dog’s head poking out—have offered a source of levity and stress relief for commuters in a city known for its serious hustle. They demonstrate that New Yorkers will always find inventive ways to work within the system while subtly resisting rigid rules that don’t align with their priorities.

For dog-loving, rule-bending New Yorkers, as long as there are loopholes technically allowing pups on the subway, Fido will continue to tag along during rush hour. And if the authorities eventually put their foot down, residents will surely dream up other creative ways to avoid leaving their beloved pets at home. Because that’s what New Yorkers do best—improvise and find unconventional solutions to keep living life on their own terms.


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