How This 10 Dollar Dog Toy Ended Up Costing This Dog Owner $3000 and Almost Her Dogs Life

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We all love our dogs. Having that companion when we get home from a long stressful workday, having a pup to sit next to, lay next to and pet. Our dog always shows us love and cheers us up when we need it most. There’s a reason dogs are ‘man’s best friend’ they are quite literally our closest companion outside of the human race!

There are many ways in which our dogs support us, show us love and keep us company. Not only do they benefit our mental and emotional health, they benefit our physical health too. Having to take them outside, for walks and to go to the bathroom keeps us healthy and in better shape than we would be without them.

Recently, a friend had a crazy experience with her dog that was quite near fatal.

The dog, Nico is a loving and bubbly lab mixed with a catahoula. A friendly and beautiful dog with hypnotizing eyes!

A few weeks back Nico got a new toy that he was so excited about. It was something like 10 bucks on amazon. This toy was a stuffed animal that he started tearing into the moment he got it.

As Nico tore into this toy, he cracked the seams on the toy and the string started coming apart. No big deal, or so it seemed. If you’re a dog owner you’ll relate. Dogs will eat socks, panties, boxers, sticks, pretty much anything!

Nico tore away at the toy and the strings started to come loose. The toy revealed itself to be rather cheap. Some of the string was found around the home. It was picked up and thrown away. What wasn’t realized however was that Nico had swallowed a bit too much string.

Come to find out later on, Nico actually swallowed some walnuts as well which are toxic to dogs. The combination of the string with the toxic walnuts wreaked havoc on his poor gut.

He ended up going a few days without eating, then a whole week. Then 8 full days. At this point he was brought in for emergency surgery where they tore open his stomach and took the walnut shells that had been entangled in string out.

The lesson is simple, as a dog owner you have to be vigilant and always keep your eyes on them especially when they are in the corner discreetly chomping on something. No one could have known that he consumed enough string and walnuts shells from the backyard and that this combination would entangle in his gut and almost kill him.

Thankfully Nico is doing better today, he’s still recovering from surgery and taking it easy. Unfortunately dogs don’t learn these lessons like humans do. Hopefully moving forward he’ll take what he eats more seriously and anything potentially dangerous will be caught beforehand.

This is simply a cautionary tale to not give your dogs toys that they can completely destroy and consume the string or fabric from. This can wreak havoc and bunch up food or other things in their intestines.

Here’s Nico recovering from his surgery doing red light therapy:

What Dog Toys Are Most Dangerous?

The dog toys that are the most dangerous to dogs are toys that are most cheaply made. The toys that are made of fabric that can easily be torn apart. Cotton, string or sewing material can be choked on or swallowed and bunch up in the intestines. In Nico’s case, he’s alive (thankfully) but 8 days of no eating really caused him to drop weight and now he’s on the road to recovery.

The best dog toys are original bones and animal flesh. This is healthier for the dogs teeth, if they swallow it the dog’s health actually benefits as it’s what they would be eating in a primal manner in nature anyway.

The safest dog toy chewing options are:

1. Bully sticks
2. Beef Tendons
3. Rawhide
4. Lamb horns
5. Raw Bones
6. Beef Ribs

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