3 Things That Beat Depression – They Work Much Better Than Antidepressants Without The Side Effects

This time of year S.A.D. kicks in more frequently. S.A.D. is seasonal affective disorder. This happens because during the winter months our sunshine exposure decreases and this affects our mental health and happiness. The sun helps us feel happier, more positive and better overall. During the winter months we have to deal with more clouds however.

Because of this, depression symptoms can heighten. Leading to depressive thoughts and ideas. We don’t want this to take place so it is important to be proactive about our choices and health and support our mental health, especially throughout the winter months when mental health is more difficult.

Thankfully there are many solutions and remedies for depression that don’t involve OTC drugs. Solutions from nature that are side affect free and not only help to ease depression and negative thoughts but also help to strengthen the body and health overall.

These solutions are readily available and instead of having ‘side’ affects, they have ‘side’ benefits such as a healthier heart, healthier muscles, a healthier digestive system, a healthier metabolism and more. By using these different nutrients and protocols you’ll see your mental health and your physical health benefit, which is a win-win for you in more ways than one.

3 Things That Beat Depression

1. Magnesium:

Magnesium is an essential mineral that plays a role in many physiological processes, including nerve function and muscle relaxation. Some studies have suggested that low levels of magnesium may be associated with an increased risk of depression.

One study published in the journal PLOS One found that supplementing with magnesium was associated with a significant reduction in symptoms of depression among adults with mild to moderate depression. Another study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry found that supplementing with magnesium was associated with an improvement in symptoms of depression and anxiety in adults with major depressive disorder.

The evidence is clear. Get more magnesium rich foods in your diet! You can also take a magnesium supplement as well. I recommend Bioptimizers magnesium which you can get by clicking here.

Use the discount code: healthywildfree for a discount on your bioptimizers magnesium order!

2. Red Light Therapy:

Red light therapy is a sunshine replacement for those that live in the northern hemisphere. During the winter months this helps to stimulate parts of the body that need it most.

Red light therapy, also known as photobiomodulation, involves the use of low-level red and near-infrared light to stimulate cellular processes in the body. It has been studied for its potential benefits in treating a variety of conditions, including depression.

A study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders found that exposure to red light therapy led to significant improvements in symptoms of depression among patients with major depressive disorder. Another study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry found that red light therapy was associated with a reduction in symptoms of depression, anxiety, and insomnia in patients with seasonal affective disorder.

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere that gets sunshine all year round, like Florida, Hawaii or Southern California then get outside and get natural sunlight. For the rest of us, RLT is a good solution. Click here to learn the top 10 benefits of Red Light Therapy.

I got my red light therapy device from Mito Red light. Click here to visit their website. Use the discount code healthywildfree to get 5% off your order!

3. Exercise:

There have been numerous studies conducted on the relationship between exercise and depression, and the majority have found that regular physical activity can have a positive impact on symptoms of depression.

One meta-analysis of multiple studies published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research found that exercise is associated with significant reductions in symptoms of depression. Another meta-analysis published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry found that exercise is as effective as antidepressants in treating mild to moderate depression, and it may be more effective than no treatment.

Additionally, a study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found that adults who engaged in regular physical activity had a 20-30% reduction in risk of developing depression over time.

The evidence is clear. Move your body more often to reduce depression.

Other Nutrients That Reduce Depression:

  1. Omega-3 fatty acids: These are found in fatty fish, nuts, and seeds and have been found to have anti-inflammatory properties that can improve brain health and reduce symptoms of depression. A company called PaleoValley has a great wild caught Fish Roe product that is freeze dried and contains a high level of Omega-3 fatty acids. Click here to visit their store and get 15% off your order today!
  2. Vitamin D: This is a vital nutrient for overall health, and studies have shown that low levels of vitamin D are associated with an increased risk of depression. The best source of vitamin D (and will always be!) is the sunshine. But if you have a hard time in the winter months click this article to read the best natural sources of vitamin D in food. 
  3. B-Vitamins: B-vitamins, particularly folate and vitamin B12, are important for brain health and have been found to be beneficial for treating depression.
  4. Zinc: Zinc plays a role in the regulation of neurotransmitters and studies have found that low levels of zinc may be associated with an increased risk of depression. I really like the guava leaf zinc from Omica Organics (click here to visit) this is on sale right now!

Recommended Depression Support:

  1. Magnesium: Magnesium is important to reduce depression symptoms. Click here to get a pill. Use the discount code healthywildfree to get a discount on that magnesium pill. Click here to get a magnesium topical spray, and click here to get magnesium bath salts! Use the discount code VFDF7M to get 10% off your magnesium spray or bath salts!
  2. Red Light Therapy: I got my device from Mito. Click here to visit Mito and use the discount code healthywildfree for 5% off your order. Click here to read the top 10 health benefits of red light therapy.
  3. Guava Leaf Zinc: This zinc is bioavailable and tastes great. You can get either a powder or liquid tincture. Use the discount code VFDF7M for 10% off your order! This company (omica organics) also has magnesium topical spray and magnesium bath salts. These all benefit lowering depression symptoms.
  4. Exercise: Move your body! Here are a bunch of ways to support the lymphatic system and lymphatic drainage. Click here to learn how to drain your lymphatic system and keep things flowing in your body better.

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