BREAKING 250 Million Gallons Of Nitrogen (Pesticide) Water Pollute Tampa Bay

Breaking News: 250 Million gallons of nitrogen water from a pesticide plant near Tampa bay have leaked into the ocean and is destroying wildlife at a rapid rate. This event has been called ‘red tide’ and is tearing through wildlife and growing algae blooms.

Watch the video here:

What can we do to change?

To Preserve the ocean and wildlife for future generations?
  1. Stop using lawn fertilizers
  2. Go Organic: Organic food is free of pesticides that destroy the environment.
  3. Use less plastic and more compostable materials such as wood, glass, bamboo etc.

The Tampa Bay has once again been hit by an environmental disaster and our habits (using fertilizers on our lawns) and buying food and drinks that were grown with fertilizers are the key reason these things continue to happen. If there was no market for fertilizers this plant would not exist to even spill into the ocean. We can do better.

Here are some pictures from Florida’s Red Tide:

Florida red tide from the sky showing shocking algae blooms killing wildlife on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

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