Hundreds Of People Who Identify As Dogs Gather In Berlin City Center: Requests For “Animal Control” To Be Called After Leaked Footage Of Their Meet-Up Goes Viral

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A bizarre scene unfolded in Berlin over the weekend as hundreds of people who identify as dogs gathered in the city center for a meet-up. Video footage of the event quickly went viral online, showing the participants dressed up in dog costumes, barking, and acting like dogs in public.

Many were seen walking on all fours, wearing leashes, and some were even spotted urinating on trees and lampposts.

The footage sparked outrage and confusion among many viewers, with some calling for animal control to intervene. Critics argued the public behavior was inappropriate and an affront to actual service dogs. Supporters of the dog furry community claimed it was simply a harmless role playing event.

Regardless of one’s views on the subculture, the sight of hundreds of adults parodying dogs out on the streets of Berlin was certainly a head-scratching scene. The viral videos thrust the little-known world of “furries” into the limelight and rekindled age-old debates over public decency and freedom of expression.

For the participants themselves, it was simply an opportunity to indulge in their alternative lifestyle among like-minded people.

The weekend’s events will likely be talked about for days to come as Germany processes the surreal visual of its historic capital being overrun by enthusiasts who self-identify as man’s best friend. It poses challenging questions over the rights of fringe communities to engage in their unconventional hobbies versus the norms of acceptable public behavior.

A peculiar spectacle unfolded in Berlin over the weekend as hundreds of people who identify as dogs gathered for a public meet-up. Footage of the event, which shows participants dressed in dog costumes barking and acting like canines, quickly went viral online.

The bizarre scene has sparked intense debate, with many calling for animal control intervention while supporters defend it as harmless roleplay.

Videos show an estimated 1,000 “dog people” congregating at the Berlin Potsdamer Platz train station. They communicated through barks and howls while walking on all fours, wearing leashes, and in some cases, urinating on trees and lampposts.

For critics, the blatant public behavior was an inappropriate and concerning spectacle. “Call animal control and give them their rabies doses,” one outraged commenter reacted online. Others questioned why they wore masks if sincerely identifying as dogs, perceiving it as proof of the absurdity.

The gathering comes on the heels of internet fame for “Toco the human collie.” Toco, located in Japan, fulfilled his lifelong dream of becoming a dog after purchasing a $14,000 realistic collie costume. In a previous interview, he expressed hope to someday meet others who share his deep canine identity.


Experts delineate between “therians,” who believe they are animals trapped in human bodies, and “furries,” who enjoy dressing up and roleplaying as creatures purely for fun and creative expression.

Other notable dog-identifying humans include Tom Peters, a British man who sees himself as a Dalmatian trapped in a man’s body, and Toru Ueda, a Tokyo engineer who spent $23,000 on a custom-made hyperrealistic wolf outfit. “When I wear my costume I feel I’m no longer human,” Ueda told media. “I’m free of human relationships and all the troubles related to work and daily life. I can forget about them.”

For some, animal roleplay has overt sexual connotations. The internet phenomena of “puppy play” incorporates BDSM themes of domination and submission with leashes, collars and other dog motifs.

Models on OnlyFans have also profited off canine-inspired content, like Jenna Phillips who raked in $10,000 monthly for videos of herself behaving like a dog. “I never thought my weird dog kink would be looked at by a broad audience,” she said in an interview, expressing surprise at the sizable demand.

So while the viral images of crowds of dog people barking and walking on leashes in central Berlin may seem surreal, they represent a niche community expressing their unconventional lifestyle. The jarring public acts have fueled heated debates over the boundaries of acceptable public behavior versus personal freedom of expression.


For the participants themselves, it was simply an opportunity to indulge in their alternative identities among like-minded people. But critics argue such overt behavior has no place in public streets, akin to other examples of public lewdness or disturbance.

How society reconciles the rights of fringe groups versus norms of decorum continues to be a complex issue. But the weekend’s events will likely be talked about for days to come as Germany processes the surreal visual of its historic capital being overrun by dog enthusiasts.

It poses challenging questions over whether private conduct should remain behind closed doors, or if people have the right to openly express alternative lifestyles regardless of public discomfort.

The controversial gatherings of “dog people” will certainly not be the last we see as fringe communities continue to find solidarity through the internet. It highlights the deeper debate around public space – whether it should reflect accepted norms, or embrace radical self-expression.

The viral images also reveal our endless fascination with the surreal. While the dog people of Berlin may be perplexing to some, to others they represent courage to live one’s truth, no matter how unconventional.

The meet-ups point to a growing desire for belonging among people who feel outcast from society. Beyond the absurd costumes and behavior, there is a basic human need – to find kinship in a world that doesn’t understand you. Perhaps the way forward is not through judgment, but more generosity to accept our shared insecurities.

In the end, the dog people awakened discomfort, humor, outrage and empathy among viewers worldwide. They revealed tensions between conformity and eccentricity. But they also proved that human connection, even among the strangest of subcultures, remains precious in its own way.


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