Reality Star Known as the ‘Cash Me Outside Girl’ Has Purchased a New Home in Florida for $6.1 Million

cash me outside girl

According to the New York Post, Bregoli paid for it in cash.

cash me outside

While many people have mocked her for her temper tantrums and combativeness back in the day, Bregoli has done an exceptional job as a businesswoman.

She now has more than 16 million Instagram followers, and two of her rap songs have made it to the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

Her New Warning: “‘I Made $50 Million, So Don’t Call Me the ‘Cash Me Outside Girl'” 

Even with all of her fame and success, Bregoli has one major request for the audience: she doesn’t want to be called by her nickname anymore. 

She told recently that she’s made $50 million since starting an OnlyFans account a year ago, and is demanding to be called by a different name.

Her ultra-exclusive mansion is said to be part of an ‘exclusive gated community,’ according to a report from the New York Post.

“[People think] I’m so in love with being the girl who got famous for being on ‘Dr. Phil’ and saying some crazy s–t. That’s not how I feel!” she said.

cash me outside girl

“Call me the youngest female of the decade to go platinum…Call me some s–t like that!” the rapper said according to the interview.

“Call me the girl who got a million-dollar makeup deal! The girl who made over 50 million dollars on OnlyFans!” she added.


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