Scientists Create Meat From Human Cells, But Claim It’s Not Cannibalism

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The scientific community first introduced genetically modified organisms into the food supply in the mid-1990s, and since then, these products have exploded onto the market.

Americans now eat foods that have been created from lab-spliced crops like corn, soy and canola on a daily basis, even though most of these foods are banned throughout Europe along with several other countries worldwide.

As these experiments have progressed throughout the years, scientists have become increasingly inventive in their projects.

Recently, a team of scientists at a future-oriented meat company created something that has many people both intrigued and concerned at the same time: meat from human cells.

Ouroboros Steak Company Creates “Grow-Your-Own-Steak” Kit Using Human Cells

A group of young American scientists has created a concept for a grow-your-own steak kit using human cells and blood in an effort to disrupt the traditional meat industry.

The so-called “Ouroboros Steak” can be grown from home using the diner’s own cells, which are taken from the inside of the cheek and fed serum from expired, donated blood.

According to scientists at the aforementioned company, it’s not cannablism if the “steaks” are made in this particular fashion.

The controversial steaks are made from human cells that have been fed with serum from expired blood donations, according to the website

“Expired human blood is a waste material in the medical system and is cheaper and more sustainable than FBS, but culturally less-accepted,” said the company’s industrial designer and developer Grace Knight.

“People think that eating oneself is cannibalism, which technically this is not.”

“Our design is scientifically and economically feasible but also ironic in many ways,” said designer and researcher Orkan Telhan.

orkhan telhan
Orkhan Telhan

human meat

“We are not promoting ‘eating ourselves’ as a realistic solution that will fix humans’ protein needs. We rather ask a question: what would be the sacrifices we need to make to be able to keep consuming meat at the pace that we are?

“In the future, who will be able to afford animal meat and who may have no other option than culturing meat from themselves?”

The lab grown meat market is expected to grow to $572 million by the year 2025.

Among the companies hoping to sell cultured meat are Aleph Farms, makers of the first lab-grown steak, and Novameat, which created a 3D-printed steak from vegetable proteins.

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