Supermodel Gisele Bündchen Encounters a Stranded Sea Creature on the Beach, Uses it as a Teachable Moment

gisele sea turtle

Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen is Tom Brady’s wife, and easily one of the most influential social media users in the world of modeling.

Recently while walking on an undisclosed tropical beach, Bündchen’s dog Onyx began barking at a pile of ocean trash that had washed ashore during the high tide, as Bündchen discovered a surprise amid the debris: a sea turtle that was in a bit of a pickle, to say the least.

“Life is a Series of Opportunities that Appear Daily”

Bündchen saw the turtle turned upside down, adding that she saw a “look of hopelessness and exhaustion in her eyes, her body knotted and entangled in a fishing net,” according to her Instagram account.

The international superstar immediately went to work from this point on, hoping to free the turtle and send it on its way.

“I immediately started to free her from the net that was strangling her, but even after we got her untied, she was too tired to make her way back to the ocean.”

According to Gisele, she “didn’t think twice,” she just picked the turtle up and carried her to the water, adding that the adrenaline made her stronger.

Following the impromptu rescue, she took the time to address her audience on the importance of lending a hand whenever possible.


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“I felt relieved and so happy to see her swim away freely, grateful that I was there and able to help. But there are so many other animals that unfortunately end up dying on nets like this. Today I was reminded that we must become more aware of our ways as a species and help protect all animals, it’s our choice.”

“I pray that we can all rise and remember that the opportunity to change begins with a single act.”

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