Spirit Airlines Makes Controversial Move To Charge Passengers To Redeem Their Own Miles

There are many airline options to choose from in the US. Everything from budget friendly options like spirit airlines and Jet blue to over the top airlines like Virgin airlines. One thing is for certain, out of all 59 options there are some options that may just not make sense in the long run. Spirit airlines may be one of those airlines. Presented as a low cost budget friendly airline, the fees and gouging on the back end might catch you off guard.

The flight itself may seem cheap, but by the time you checkout there are added fees for who knows what, and the baggage fees are just absurd. Now that people are flying normal and mask free again, the airlines are looking to gouge again! So beware.

Recently Spirit Airlines Patrons Started Noticing Strange Things When Redeeming Miles

The airline was allowing people to toggle between miles or cash as they always have, but once you go to checkout the airline actually charges you to redeem the miles that you have earned through their credit card program. The spirit airlines credit card promises 2 points for every dollar spent yet this promotion is deceptive as it has a time limit. People report having received only one mile per dollar spent on the credit card.

With all flights there’s the option to redeem both points and miles. With other flights there’s the option to redeem points and miles but when you click on the miles you have in your account to redeem, you have the points + a fee to redeem your own miles. Or, they allow you to redeem your miles along with cash. Here’s the catch: The option to redeem your flight miles along with cash will only be marginally cheaper than just paying for the flight out of pocket.

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The redemption of miles is not valuable to the end consumer because they spend $10k, $20k, even upwards of $40k to take one domestic flight that they till have to pay fees on to checkout, and that’s not including baggage fees!

Transparency would be nice in the travel industry, but it seems as if there are always hidden fees somewhere. Spirit airlines seems to be the master of just that.

Additionally, the baggage fees are simply absurd. They’ll charge you for anything you carry on the flight it seems like!

Watch this video to see more:

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