The 5 Most Dangerous Chemicals On Your Body Are

Did you know that there are now more than 350,000 chemicals that have been created for commercial use? This includes both chemicals and chemical combinations. Think about that. 350,000 chemicals.

There’s no doubt that our biology has been and will continue to be exposed to more chemicals over time, whether we like it or not. This is why detoxification, sweating, moving the blood and lymphatic system are so important. This helps to expel these chemicals from our body. But what about the sneaky chemicals in our personal care products that we may be putting on our body without our knowing?

Out of these 350,000 chemicals approximately 12,500 of these chemicals are approved for use in personal care products. In other words, 12,500 chemicals that can disrupt your hormones, also known as endocrine disrupters. 12,500 chemicals that could be carcinogenic, meaning that they cause cancer. 12,500 chemicals that could have adverse affects in many ways.

Today we’re going to explore the top 5 most dangerous chemicals that can be found in your personal care products. These are products you put on your skin, on your hair, under your pits and on your nails. We’ll discuss the personal care products and what chemicals are in these formulas that you’ll want to avoid to prevent cancer, hormone disruption and the many other known health affects of these chemicals.

The Top 5 Most Dangerous Personal Care Products Are:

1. Deodorant:

Deodorant is high on the list of culprits because our armpits and groin contain the largest pores on our body. That means what we put on these areas absorbs into the bloodstream at a higher rate than if you were to put something on your forearm or leg. Deodorant can contain triclosan, parabens, aluminum, phthalates, and fragrance. All of these are either harmful to the hormones in the body, confusing them and sending them into a confused state, or being carcinogenic, meaning cancer causing. I use and recommend the brand ‘pretty frank’ which is free of all of this, and can be found on amazon by clicking here.

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2. Soap Or Body Wash:

Another personal care product high on the list worth paying attention to is the soap or body wash that you use in the shower. As this is being used on both the underarms and groin, as well as your arms, legs, back. In a hot shower your pores open larger because of the heat. We take in about 8 ounces of water each time we shower. This means if you’re using a body wash or soap that contains toxic chemicals, they’re absorbing in your underarms, near your groin (not good) as well as in all of your open and exposed pores. Soap or body wash can contain propylene glycol, parabens, phthalates, fragrance, triclosan, formaldehyde, sodium lauryl sulphate as well as a variety of other dangerous chemicals. What’s important here is to read the label and understand what’s in it. I use Schizandu naturals (click here to get 10% off) or Omica Organics (click here to visit) for my personal care products such as soap, bath salts and shampoo and conditioner. Be sure to use the discount code VFDF7M for 10% off your Omica Organics purchase. Both of these brands are 100% clean, I have vetted personally.

3. Shampoo & Conditioner:

Haircare products contain a variety of toxic chemicals that are going on your scalp, and with hot water once again your pores open further. With these dangerous chemicals being scrubbed into your scalp right next to your brain, you’d think things would be better, but they’re not. Shampoo, conditioner and haircare products such as hair masque’s can contain parabens, sodium chloride, DEA, TEA, Sodium laureth sulfate, synthetic colors, propylene glycol, even alcohol and much more. You’d think that alcohol in a haircare formula would be the last thing a haircare product manufacturer would add in as alcohol dries both the skin and hair out, but it’s in there. If you do not recognize the ingredients in your haircare product, this is a bad sign. Once again, you’re scrubbing these chemicals into your scalp under hot water with open pores. Unfortunately, there are very very few haircare products that  are truly 100% natural. Thankfully, I found one and use it now. Omica Organics has a shampoo and conditioner (that always sell out very quickly, but are back in stock at the moment) which are 100% natural. The conditioner smells like pineapple, it smells quite literally like a delicious fruit smoothie! Click here to see that shampoo and conditioner and the clean ingredients. Use the discount code VFDF7M at checkout for 10% off!

Take a look at my review of them here:

Click here to visit their shampoo and conditioner on their website. Use the discount code: VFDF7M for 10% off your order.

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4. Toothpaste:

What we brush our teeth with gets into our bloodstream very quickly. Under the tongue we have what are known as sublingual glands. This is why many liquid supplements such as Radiate Immunity can be melted under the tongue. It gets into the bloodstream quicker. When we brush our teeth with toothpaste whatever chemicals or pH/bacteria unbalancing chemicals are in there are being absorbed into your blood. Toothpaste can contain SLS, titanium dioxide, triclosan, artifical coloring agents, parabens, carrageenan, even aspartame, a dangerous artificial sweetener. Toothpaste also commonly contains sodium fluoride, a neurotoxin that is often misinterpreted as calcium fluoride. Sodium fluoride is what is used in commercial products, but is often mistaken as calcium fluoride, a mineral from the earth that actually has some heath benefit. If you see any of these ingredients in your toothpaste, avoid it completely.

I use Boku Smile bites from a company called Boku Superfoods. These tablets foam up and aren’t pasty like toothpaste, which I prefer. They contain charcoal, probiotics for gum and teeth health and essential oils. They clean tech teeth exceptionally well and more importantly help to balance the pH and bacterial balance of the oral biome. Click here to visit Boku Superfoods, use the discount code healthywildfree for a discount on your purchase. This company also has some really great superfood powders and a candy-like dried berry called golden berries. This delicious tart berry is one of my favorite snack treats!

5. Skincare & Lotion Products:

Many skincare products contain harsh chemicals that oxidize and actually age the skin quicker, yet because they are so strong they appear to even out or make the skin appear younger. You want to be careful with the skincare products and lotion products that you use. Many lotions and face creams contain parabens, glycol, sulfates, phthalates, fragrance and more. 

What’s important to understand here is that if you do not recognize an ingredient, or everything in the back of the label has a name and then has a (science name) in brackets next to it, this is a big red flag. It means that most of this product is very unnatural and chemically created.

Omica Organics (click here to visit) and Schizandu Naturals (click here to visit and get 10% off) have some great natural skincare nourishing products. Omica Organics has a facial toner that is exceptional. Use the discount code ‘VFDF7M’ for 10% off your Omica Organics order.

The Best Thing You Can Do:

The best thing that you can do with your personal care products is so simply be more mindful and stop looking at the front of the packaging. Turn the product over and look at the back. Look at the ingredients. If you start seeing names that you do not recognize, this is a red flag. Many chemicals that disrupt hormones, cause cancer and cause rashes on the skin (as a reaction) are in the market. It would be better to use no product than to use something that is chemically created and toxic for your body.

Recommended Brands:

  1. Modern Hempi: They have this amazing product called agape which includes hemp, cbd, macadamia nut oil and several other oils in an amazing aromatic fragrance (from nature of course, not synthetic) it moisturizes and nourishes the skin as well as hydrates the skin and helps the skin to retain moisture and youthfulness. My friend Courtney runs this company and she’s been perfecting this agape solution for years now, and having been someone that has worked in the natural skincare space I can say with confidence that this product is just about perfect! Visit and use the discount code: healthywildfree for 20% off your order! (Thank you Courtney for that discount!)
  2. Omica Organics: Omica organics has everything from water filters for your shower to remove chemicals to topical botanical mists. They also have magnesium oil, magnesium bath salts, a few essential oils and so much more. What I love about this brand is that it’s biodynamics, meaning that the ingredients and plants used are grown with absolutely zero chemicals. They also have an exceptional shampoo and conditioner set that works incredibly well and is the cleanest most natural haircare I have seen on the market. Click here to visit and use the discount code: VFDF7M for 10% off your order. Also, be sure to save this discount code somewhere special because it works on every order for life!
  3. Schizandu Naturals: Schizandu has a great array of personal care products including a facial clay, different soap and cleansing bars for the skin and a shampoo bar as well. They also have activated charcoal and sulfur, and important mineral for internal beauty, liver health and the health of the hair, skin and nails. Click here to visit Schizandu naturals, at this link you’ll receive 10% off your order automatically.

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