The Big 3 Mistakes Most People Make With Dental Health And How To Fix Tooth & Gum Issues

Dental health is incredibly important, not just for appearance but also for internal health as well. Weston Price was a Canadian Dentist that was well known for his theories connecting dental health to nutrition and physical health.

Dr. Weston Price found out that when teeth decayed in the body there were specific organs in the body that were associated with those specific teeth. In other words, the health of your teeth can affect the health of internal organs through the body through meridian lines. If an infection occurs within a tooth that infection can quite literally travel throughout the body through the tooth, gums and jaw and lead to other parts of the body.

If you’ve dealt with cavities, gum disease, or dental decay of any kind today’s article will really help you find solutions to get your gum and tooth health back on track, and to ideally cut down your dental bills.

I have a confession to make. I have NOT been to the dentist ONCE in the last 16 years. Below are some of the tools that I use to my advantage to keep my gum and teeth as healthy as can be.

There are key mistakes that people make that affect dental health, and gum health as a whole. This when left unattended will go deeper within the body and cause deeper health issues down the road.

Dr. Price did work that was monumental in the world of dental health and general health and wellness.

What Big Mistakes Do We Make With Dental Health?

  1. Not Brushing Or Flossing Enough: Brushing and flossing are important to clean any excess bacteria, or sugar out of the mouth that will ferment and turn into a bacteria that can cause unhealthy teeth and gums. It is important to brush and floss daily, but you already know this. This is just a friendly reminder.
  2. Using Toothpaste That Isn’t Healthy For Teeth & Gums: Most toothpaste products are full of chemicals, and this is bad to brush your teeth with. Your dental health has an important pH and bacterial balance. Your teeth and gums need to maintain this pH and bacterial balance in order for infections to not take hold. I personally recommend Boku Smile bites, click here to visit. Use the discount code HeatlhyWildFree for 10% off your order.These are little tablets that you brush with INSTEAD of toothpaste.These tablets are simply essential oils, baking soda, activated charcoal and streptococcus salivarius, which is an oral probiotic that supports both tooth and gum health.The unique thing about this probiotic is that it collects in the mouths and respiratory system of newborn babies. This probiotic is incredibly beneficial for your oral biome (bacteria balance) so make sure to try Boku Smile Bites here today! Remember to use the discount code: Healthywildfree for 10% off your purchase. You’ll love how your teeth shine and mouth feels after brushing with these. I like it more than toothpaste because it doesn’t paste up, it’s a better way to whiten teeth as well as to maintain both pH and bacterial balance of the mouth.
  3. Too Much Processed Carbs & Sugars: Processed carbs and sugars are bad for the oral biome especially when these carbs (that break down into sugars) or processed sugars sit on the teeth for long periods of time without being either brushed, rinsed or removed somehow.  It is important to have less sugar and more healthy and nutritious fruits and vegetables in your diet. If the ratio of processed foods decrease, and the ratio of healthy whole foods such as fruits and vegetables increase, you’ll be in a better position with your oral health.
  4. Take ProDentim Probiotics: Probiotics that have been formulated for the gums and teeth are finally here. These probiotics contain Lactobacillus Paracasei, which is a bacteria that is beneficial for gum health as well as supporting the health of the sinuses to keep them open and healthy. Next, Lactobacillus Reuteri, a bacteria that is anti-inflammatory and supports an overall healthy mouth environment is in the formula. Lastly, B.lactis BL-04, a bacteria that supports the healthy balance of healthy bacteria in the oral biome, it also supports the respiratory tract. It also helps to maintain a healthy immune system in general.

    This formula also contains Inulin, a prebiotic (precursor to probiotic) fiber that supports healthy bacterial production by the body naturally. It also contains malic acid, which is an acid found in strawberries that helps your teeth to stay white. Additionally, it contains peppermint, an anti-inflammatory compound that helps to control inflammation in the mouth. It also contains Tricalcium Phosphate, which supports tooth health by helping to support the calcium and phosphate ion channels to the teeth.

    If you’ve had dental issues, and tooth or gum issues in general try ProDentim today!

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