There Are 6 Different Forms Of Magnesium And How They Work Differently in Your Body (and which YOU Need now)

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals for health, vitality and wellbeing. It helps support sleep, muscle contraction, heart health, health of the nervous system, and enzyme use. In fact, believe it or not magnesium is a cofactor nutrient for enzymes to be utilized by the body. Enzymes play a key role in digestion as they break down protein and fat. Two of the most difficult to digest macronutrients.

If you look up the statistics of magnesium deficiency particularly in the United States it is said that as little as 2% are deficient in magnesium all the way up to 80%. What a range? Let’s use some common sense and logic here to decipher this wide gap of estimation.

Magnesium plays a key role in both heart health and digestive health as an enzymatic cofactor. The #1 cause of death in the United States is heart disease, additionally the US is the most obese country on the face of the earth. With these two statistics alone it is safe to assume that the deficiency rate of magnesium in the US is closer to 80% than 2%, so don’t believe everything you read on the internet at face value. You have to dig deeper and connect things that aren’t necessarily connected for you unfortunately.

3 Signs Of Magnesium Deficiency Worth Noticing:

  1. Digestive Issues:

    If you’re having a difficult time digesting food you could very well be deficient in magnesium. Magnesium is a softening mineral. It softens, sooths and relaxes the digestive system. If you feel like you have to force and push hard for bowel movements, and your stool is rock hard.. you are definitely deficient in magnesium. Magnesium allows you to have easy and quick bowel movements. In fact, if you take too much magnesium too quickly you will have a loose stool. This is how we know it works to support digestive health. This is why it’s best to take a smart dosage of magnesium and spread it out. We’ll touch on this more later.

  2. Chest Pains/Tightness:

    If you’re having tightness in your chest or chest pains there is a high likelihood that you’re having a magnesium deficiency. This is something to take seriously as the blood flow and artery health need magnesium. Your heart needs this also. Magnesium is crucial for muscle contraction and expansion. This supports the nervous system which is the electrical system of the body. Eat more magnesium rich foods, take a magnesium supplement (we’ll share some options for than later in the article) or take a magnesium bath. There are many ways to get magnesium in your body.

  3. Sleep Issues:

    If you’re having trouble sleeping there’s a high likelihood you have a magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is the relaxing mineral. It calms your nervous system as well as your heart, digestive system. I have noticed my sleep quality improve when I take a magnesium. I feel calmer, more relaxed and notice that I get deeper more therapeutic rest.

There are other signs of magnesium deficiency also. These are just some of the largest most noticeable signs of magnesium deficiency. If you have one of these symptoms, or a few, or all, the likelihood of you having a magnesium deficiency is higher. So pay attention to your digestive health, sleep health and any chest tightness or pain.

Here are some other visual signs of magnesium deficiency:

The 6 Main Forms Of Magnesium

Now, there are six different forms of magnesium that each play a different role in our health and biology of the human body. Each form supports a unique specific area of the body best. So pay close attention to which form of magnesium you may need most. After sharing each of these six forms of magnesium I’ll also share with you the most bioavailable form of magnesium to cover everything if you feel there are multiple pathways your body needs magnesium in, so stay tuned for that!

Magnesium Threonate: Magnesium For Brain Function

Magnesium threonate has been shown in animal studies to cross the blood brain barrier. This has been shown to coincide with improvements in cognitive function. You can get magnesium threonate for brain function in capsule from a product called magnesium breakthrough which has magnesium threonate along with all other 5 forms of magnesium in it. Click here to visit their website.

Magnesium Citrate: Increase Bowl Movement Size

This truly does work! A bit too well sometimes! It can actually give you a loose stool so start slow and with a small amount and work your way up with caution. Be careful. You’ve been warned. The cheapest form of magnesium, however it does support magnesium citrate for bowel health. You can visit magnesium breakthrough by clicking here. Use the discount code healthywildfree to get a discount on your order!

Magnesium Citrate Sulfate: Relaxes The Muscles

Magnesium citrate sulfate is a form of magnesium that helps to relax the muscles and helps them to recover. This is valuable for a post workout routine.

Magnesium Glycinate: Magnesium For Rest, Recovery & Sleep

Sleep health will improve if you get more magnesium glycinate in your body. My favorite sleep supplement in the world is Qualia Night, which is formulated with Magnesium glycinate as one of the ingredients. Use the code healthywildandfree for a 15% off your purchase of Qualia Night. Visit their website by clicking here to order.

Magnesium Malate: Improves Stamina & Muscle Energy

Magnesium plays an important role in muscle energy, electrolyte absorption, oxygen uptake and the firing of the muscle itself. Magnesium malate supports your muscle groups in this way. You can get magnesium malate in your supplement routine from the magnesium breakthrough supplement by clicking here. Use the discount code healthywildfree to get a discount on your purchase!

Magnesium Chloride: The Best Topical Form Of Magnesium

Magnesium is the best all around form of magnesium to take to increase low magnesium levels quickly. It quickly acts to bring magnesium levels in the blood up. This benefits all of the above factors and is the best magnesium route to take if you want one simple product. For this reason this is what I recommend first and foremost unless you have a specific issue you’re looking to solve above. Additionally the magnesium chloride that I use is a spray form so that it can be absorbed throughout the entire body very quickly. Absorbing directly into the blood and bypassing the gut.

I use Omica Organics magnesium spray, which is a topical spray that is absorbed into the skin and bloodstream. Visit the Omica Organics website by clicking here and use the discount code Healthywildfree to get 10% off your order today! If you use our store and discount code you’ll get 10% off every time you order this product for life.

Omica Organics also pairs a magnesium oil with essential oils like lavender so it has a nice relaxing scent as well, which is really nice., if you prefer that. What I really like about Omica Organics is that you can get magnesium bath flakes as well. These are bath flakes that contain magnesium. Add them to a hot bath and soak up magnesium while bathing!

Magnesium Supplement Options

    1. Bioptimizers Magnesium: 

      Bioptimizers magnesium is a magnesium supplement that includes EIGHT different forms of magnesium. This is the widest range of magnesium in one supplement on the market. What’s nice about this is that if you have a magnesium deficiency and your body needs it, this will supply it quickly in the appropriate pathway. I take this myself and you can see my review here:

      Click here to visit Bioptimizers and get magnesium breakthrough today. Be sure to duse the discount code: healthywildfree for discount upon purchase!

    2. Omica Organics Magnesium

      Omica organics carries a form of magnesium known as magnesium chloride. What’s great about this magnesium is that it supports the magnesium pathways mentioned in this article quite well. Topically the body absorbs it right in through the skin into the bloodstream. It’s also nice that this form of magnesium is very cheap yet very high quality. They have a magnesium spray as well as magnesium bath flakes. Both are great and both are recommended! (along with their high quality shower filter for better quality water too) which you’ll appreciate! Use their lavender magnesium spray before bedtime to rest and relax for a good nights sleep, or take a bath in their magnesium bath flakes to wind down your day.

      You can visit Omica Organics to see their magnesium options by clicking here. Use the discount code: Healthywildfree for 10% off your order! (Save this code, it works on every future order too!) – Also, get their shower filter! I noticed the water is softer and my hair and skin are healthier with this! You won’t regret upgrading from tap water to their shower filter. I guarantee it!

    3. Qualia Night:

Qualia produces high quality supplements and nootropics. They have a product called Qualia Night which quite literally saved my sleep. My sleep has been rocky on and off for years and over the years i’ve learned certain habits that have really improved my sleep quality. Qualia night contains magnesium glycinate which is the form of magnesium that supports sleep health the most. This supplements also contains many other nutrients adaptogens and supportive herbs to downregulate the nervous system and brain bringing a blissful sense of calm and relaxation. If you’re struggling with sleep this is my number one recommendation for you. Click here to get Qualia Night and use the discount code: healthywildfree for 10% off your order!

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