Your Fat Metabolism is Sluggish For These 3 Reasons

Fat metabolism is the process by which the metabolism converts fats into simpler compounds that can be used by cells in the body. In other words, taking the fat that you eat in your diet and turning it into useful energy. If your fat metabolism is hindered in any way this will create a condition where fat metabolism is weakened and instead of the body metabolizing fat efficiently, the fat will build up and accumulate. You do not want this!

Fat is a great source of energy. It quite literally builds the brain as most of the brain is made of fat. Fat is also a long lasting fuel for the body. Unlike glucose (sugar) which burns rather quickly, fat will carry your energy throughout the day.

In an effort to improve your fat metabolism you must first understand that there are two types of fat. Healthy fat and unhealthy fat.

The Difference Between Good Fat vs. Bad Fat

There are different types of fats and if you simply Google “which fat is good and which fat is bad” the internet can very easily mislead you. In fact, I just did this myself to confirm and it told me that saturated fats where bad for me. This is simply not true. The best way to distinguish good fats vs. bad fats is to know that good fats are real fats from food sources and bad fats are fake fats that have been made in a lab.

Beyond this you want to pay attention of the ratio of fats you have in your diet to other fats, as well as other macronutrients such as protein and carbohydrates.

Fro example, if you have too many omega 6 fats in your diet this can create an inflammatory response. Omega 3 fats however are anti-inflammatory. This is important to know so that you don’t consume too many inflammatory fats and too little anti-inflammatory fats. Make sense?

With that being said, you do want fat in your diet. It does take longer to metabolize but it’s worth it because this fat is a great source of fuel for the cells, mitochondria, brain and more! Fat is also an important lubricant for joints in the body.

It’s important to also understand fat metabolism. Fat metabolism is how your body metabolizes fat. The better and more efficiently your body metabolizes fat the better it will burn fat and use it in the proper areas. If your body isn’t efficient at burning fat however it can cause more issues overall.

3 Reasons Your Fat Burning Metabolism is Sluggish

    1. Not Enough Healthy Probiotics in Your Diet:

      Probiotics play such an important role in your gut microbiome. Healthy bacteria quite literally eats away and breaks fat down. Without it, that fat will sit in your stomach and digestive system longer than it needs to be. You want the factory that burns fat in your gut to work efficiently and quickly. Nothing does this better than fermented foods and drinks. Probiotic supplements simply do not compare. In fact, Dr. Joe Mercola found that just two ounces of sauerkraut contained ten trillion bacteria. This is more bacteria than 100 pills! Eat more sauerkraut, kimchi and pickles. Also, drink fermented drinks like kombucha and water kefir. To learn how to turn your kitchen into a probiotic factory and make fat metabolism enhancing foods and drinks from home, visit

      Another important thing to keep in mind here is that probiotic pills (which are pricey) do not contain probiotics, enzymes, or a large strain of bacteria like fermented foods or drinks have. This elevates fermented foods and drinks as far more powerful metabolism boosting aids over pricey probiotic pills. Now, you can learn how to create fermented foods and drinks in your kitchen all within the Fermentation Method membership. Visit to learn more!

    2. The Lymphatic System Enhances Fat Metabolism:

      The lymphatic system has several roles in the human body. The first role is to help manage fluid levels in the body as the lymphatic system carries what is known as the ‘4th phase of water’ throughout the body. It’s a jelly-like fluid (water-based) that helps to hydrate, nourish, remove waste and bring nutrients to right place in the body. Your lymphatic system also plays a key role in transporting immune cells. The second role of the lymphatic system is to absorb fats and fat soluble vitamins! Most people do not realize that the lymphatic system plays a very large role in fat metabolism and using those vitamins in fat properly. If you want your fat metabolism to work properly you need to take great care of your lymphatic system.

      This includes moving often, walks, runs, swim, bike ride, whatever it may be. Next, hydrate properly. Get 50% of your body weight in ounces of water each day. In other words, for every 100 pounds you weigh drink 50 ounces of water daily. Lastly, breathe properly. Breathe in through your nose and into your diaphragm. Movement, hydration and oxygen are the three main components that keep the lymphatic system moving and healthy!

      Learn more about lymphatic health and how to enhance the movement of the lymphatic system with lymphatic health articles on our website.

    3. Muscle & Hormones Matter:

      Hormones such as testosterone and estrogen affect fat metabolism. In today’s world we are inundated with things that influence our hormones negatively. For men, you have to be aware of the estrogen mimicking foods and things like plastic. Plastic has BPA (which is bad for men and women both) because this confuses the hormonal system of the body by mimicking estrogen. Testosterone and estrogen on an axis with one another. Both men and women have testosterone and estrogen. Men are naturally dominant in testosterone while women are dominant in estrogen. Anything that upsets this delicate balance will create health challenges including affecting the metabolism negatively.

These hormones are also beneficial in helping to build muscle. For men, testosterone levels begin to lower in their                     30’s. For women, estrogen levels begin to decline in their 30’s. The better you can take care of your testosterone                         and estrogen levels the easier it will be to build muscle and strength. These hormones, plus muscle, both burn fat                     efficiently. So pay close attention to your hormones and what might influence them both negatively and positively.

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