Author and Relationship Guru Says She Used ‘Secret Tinder Hack’ to Date 15 Different Men in 21 Days

author and relationship guru
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The world of online dating can be an intimidating one, with so many potential suitors to choose from and a seeming lack of people interested in commitment of any kind.

The number one app leading this change in our dating society has been Tinder, which launched in 2012 and was expected have 57 million users by the end of last year.

While the app is mostly designed for flings and casual meet-ups, and estimated 13.6% of Tinder matches could possibly end in marriage according to the website

An estimated 76.9% of users were men in 2020, however, and some women are taking advantage of this “numbers game” by “hacking” the app to go on as many dates as humanly possible while on holiday.

Woman Uses ‘Hack’ to Date 15 Men in 21 Days

Describing herself as the ‘Aussie Carrie Bradshaw and Samantha Jones,’ author and social media influencer Helen Chik shared a “very special dating hack” she does before going on vacation that allows her to meet up with more than a dozen men on each trip.

Helen Chik

“She ensures that she has men lined (up) and ready for dates when she gets there…Well, I was hooked!” said journalist and dating guru Jana Hocking in a recent article on

She added that Helen men that men in sequence in New York City, and called Helen’s feat “impressive.”

“Helen was explaining that she once went on 15 different dates over a three week holiday in New York. Yep, 15 different men … in just 21 days,” Hocking said.

Hocking explained that Chik used a feature on Tinder that “allows you to change your location to anywhere in the world at will.

“And apparently all the other dating apps are incorporating this feature as well,” she added.

Chik explained that the trick is to change your location to the destination you’re going to overseas or nearby a few weeks ahead of time, and then start swiping.

When Chik arrived in New York City, she already had over a dozen men lined up to take her on lavish dates in the “City That Never Sleeps.”

“That way you’ve already matched with blokes you might fancy while on your holiday, and got the small talk out of the way,” Hocking added.

“By the time you get off the plane, you’ve already set up dates with each and every one of them. What a serious time saving hack!

Hocking added that women can also use the feature to book these men as “your own personal tour guide.”

“Let’s be honest, locals always know where the best bars, restaurants and adventure spots are. So why the heck not go check these places out with someone you want to swoon over.


Woman Finds Her Man When She Least Expects It

The irony in all of this is that Chik said she found her man when she least expected it.

“The irony of writing and releasing a book about being single and struggling to find my mans is that you came when I least expected it,” she wrote in a February 22 post, announcing she had found a man to settle down with named Denaro.

“I feel blessed to have you as my partner and cannot wait to celebrate more birthdays with you 💋.”

So, what do you think about all of this? Do you think that dating more often is the key to finding your soulmate, or is it different depending on each person?

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