Keanu Reeves Shared How He Was Really Feeling When The “Sad Keanu” Picture Was Taken And It’s Really Relatable

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Keanu Reeves is an A-list actor starring in massive blockbuster hits like The Matrix, John Wick and others. There’s a picture of him that has floated around the internet for a while of Keanu Reeves sitting on a bench looking rather sad and down.

The Photo Features Reeves Sitting On A Bench Sitting Eating Food Looking Down On Himself And His Luck. He’s Wearing a Blazer Jacket With Jeans And A Pair Of Boots.

A Stephen Colbert interview opened the floor for Keanu to answer the question of what was going on when he was pictured eating on the park bench.

Keanu starts the interview sharing that he’s playing the role from John Wick and the matrix again. Stephen Colbert asks what role he wants to play in that hasn’t yet. John Constantine, is Reeves answer. A film that he’d like to see made and be a role in that he hasn’t yet, even though he has tried.

He goes on to share that he has his hands in a comic book creation and is a passion of him.

The photo of him eating a sandwich on the park bench is then showed.

Colbert replies: So you’re not actually sad Keanu?

Reeves replies: “I was thinking Keanu replied. I had some stuff going on. I was hungry.”

When Stephen Colbert asked Keanu Reeves why he thinks he’s so memeable? Keanu responds:
“I have no clue sir, really.”

The first volume of the comic book BRZRKR issues an image of Keanu sitting in the same position in cartoonized form. Keanu responded “I didn’t know he was going to do that. But that’s what he did. It’s kind of meta. Life in art.”

Some found it interesting that Keanu Reeves is promoting the new matrix film and used the word “meta” to describe his life in art form. People are wondering if he’s connected the new “Metaverse” creation by former Facebook as the real life matrix. A question that many people would like to propose to him.

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The Matrix Resurrections opens in theatres December 22nd, just before Christmas with much anticipation.

Here’s a trailer for the Matrix Resurrections:

Recommended Reading: Most People Don’t Know The Troubled Past Of Keanu Reeves – This is His Story. 


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