New Trend: People Are Shooting Herbs & Jungle Tobacco Up Their Nose – Why?

We’ve seen some interesting trends start over the years. Mostly from the youth. The Tide pod challenge, the ice bucket challenge, planking, and so much more. Some of these challenges quite dangerous and toxic, some of them not quite so bad. Today’s trend however is a health trend and it’s taking the internet by storm. You might see someone in your social media feed soon shooting a powder up their nose..

It may confuse you at first, especially when you see someone do it because you might think to yourself ‘are they doing cocaine in front of me right now’?

Not so fast. They’re not! What is known as Hape or ‘jungle snuff’ is nothing close to that and in fact many users report positive effects from the experience.

Hape is a formula of Amazonian herbs mixed with jungle tobacco (which does have a small amount of nicotine) that has been formulated by shamans in the Amazon Rainforest. Formula’s such as Nukini visionary, Tsunu bullet, Feminine force, Divine Mother, Nukini jaguar, Cacao nunu, Mint Dream, Immunity warrior and so many more have been formulated by Shamans in Colombia.

These blends are formulated for different purposes. Third eye opening, vision expanding, grounding, lucid dreaming and so much more. I decided to give this trend a try and was quite surprised by what I felt. I personally got the Tsunu Bullet, Eucalyptus, Nukini & Beautiful thoughts hape to try to start.

Here was my experience with each..

  1. Tsunu Bullet Hape: This hape was strong and you feel it. It is very grounding, very centering and causes you to just want to sit for 2-5 minutes and embrace it all.
  2. Eucalyptus Hape: This hape was incredible for the nose, and entire respiratory system. I can literally feel this all the way up my nose into my pineal gland region. It really opens this pathway. I am told that people who have challenges breathing, respiratory infections, mucous or any other breathing condition see positive results from this.
  3. Beautiful Thoughts: This one I felt the least by, honestly because I have beautiful thoughts most of the time!
  4. Nukini: Nukini was a very earthing and grounding experience also. It reminds me of Bullet in certain ways. I liked it!

Out of these four Hape blends I felt Eucalyptus and Bullet the most. Eucalyptus I think everyone would benefit from at times. So helpful! Here is my review:

You can learn more about Hape from a company called Four Visions Market. They give 50% of their retail product sales back to Amazonian Tribes which I love, and makes me want to support them more.

Visit Four Visions Market By Clicking Here.

Use the discount code: healthywildfree for 10% off your order.

So how does “Hape” work?

Hape Enters The Nose And Then The Bloodstream

Hape enters the nose through what is known as an applicator pipe. You put the powdered mix into the pipe and quite literally shoot it up your nose by blowing into the pipe. Some people use applicator pipes to apply to others such as in the Amazon shown below.

However, Four Visions Market (visit here) and use the code healthywildfree for 10% off your order if you’d like to try them has applicator pipes that you use yourself to facilitate in ingesting the blend yourself as opposed to a shaman blowing the hape up your nose.

What I really appreciate about Four Visions Market is that they give 50% of each retail sale back to these Amazonian Tribes. Which is so very difficult to do to stay in business, yet they still do it!

Many people wonder about the nicotine in tobacco. This is what is known as ‘jungle tobacco’ in this hape and it has a lower amount of nicotine than regular tobacco. Also, tobacco is known to have benefits when ingested in the body.

Amazonian tribes and Native Americans have used tobacco historically for medicinal purposes. It is said to dry out mold in the body. If you have lived in an environment with mold you’ve inhaled mold spores and shooting this powder directly up your nose and into the breathing pathway may help to dry out this mold and restore the body in certain ways. You want to make sure to flush, move and drink plenty of water and get sunshine during this time to fully remove it from the body.

If you’re planning to try this out I recommend getting an applicator pipe and a starter kit, or a specific blend like Eucalyptus, or nukini. These were my two favorite and I’ll be utilizing them again! What do you think of this new health trend from the Amazon jungle making its way north?


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