The 3 Most Important Health Threats To Be Proactive With During The Winter Months

It’s important to understand that health needs and demands of the body change seasonally. The summer time has different concerns than the spring, fall or winter time. The winter time may be the most stressful however. The element of cold and the lack of sunshine can lead to lowered and compromised immunity, mood changes and more.

During the wintertime it is important to note that the body will have demands and stressors that are different than the summer. Supporting your body accordingly will move you through these months with strength, vitality and health.

In the winter time you’ll face specific health challenges are certain parts of your body and biology are tested more rigorously during this time.

3 Health Challenges During The Winter To Pay Attention To:

Vitamin D Levels

Vitamin D is mostly received by being outside and having your skin exposed in the sun. This allows your body to absorb vitamin d3 through your skin. Unfortunately, in the winter time the sun hides behind the clouds a lot more. It is important during this time to get outside and spend time in the sun when you do see it out. Additionally, eating more foods that contain vitamin D. Meat, beef liver, eggs, dairy and fish are all great sources of vitamin D. Certain mushrooms and aloe Vera are sources of vitamin D as well. Get these foods in your diet more often, especially in the winter time!

Immunity As A Whole

Immunity as a whole is compromised in the winter time. Partially because of having a deficiency in vitamin D but partially because viruses, germs, pathogens and all are spread easier. Sunshine can kill these on surfaces. With less sunshine and less heat these pathogens can thrive. Cold actually allows them to live stronger. Your immune system not only needs vitamin D, but plenty of probiotics and probiotics instill a healthy gut bacteria and microbiome, where 70-80% of the immune system is located.

There are many factors that influence the immune system. The microbiome being one of them, vitamin D levels being another, the amount of stress you’re experiencing being another. Other nutritional deficiencies such as vitamin C, zinc, and magnesium may play a role in the overall strength and responsiveness of the immune system also. Radiate Immunity is a capsule that contains 18 different herbal extracts and oils that support the immune system, lymphatic system, lungs and sinuses. It’s great for preventing colds or bugs in the winter time. You can learn more at Use the code ‘gratitude‘ for 10% off your order at checkout.

Dehydration (Dryness Of Body, Skin, Scalp)

You’d think that dehydration would be a factor more in the summer months than in the winter months, but winter months can be just as difficult. Why? We drink more hot drinks. Diuretics such as coffee or tea which pull water out of the body. Additionally, because of the cold temperature we don’t feel as hot or thirsty as a byproduct of heat. Therefore we can easily get dehydrated.

The dry air adds to it, causing our scalp and skin to dry out as well. These are signs of dehydration. Beyond drinking enough water you really need to have the 6 key electrolytes necessary for hydration also. These make it so that the water you drink is electrically charged to enter the cell in the right amount. This means that not only is water passing through your body but your cells are getting hydrated also.

It is important to also use moisturizers like coconut oil, macadamia oil, cbd oil and other oils topically on our skin and scalp during this time to support the moisture retention. Don’t let your skin dry out in the winter.


Mood is a fourth factor worth adding beyond the three that can be influenced dramatically in the winter months. This is important to take a mental note of. Our mood can easily turn for the negative because of the lack of sunshine and happy brain chemistry that is generated by natural sunlight. This is why I personally do red light therapy in the winter time every single morning. I find that this warming light and infrared energy help to soothe my body, boost immunity, elevate my mood and energy as well. It is also that S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder) kicks in, mainly because of the lack of sunshine that helps to maintain and stabilize a generally positive mood.

Make sure to take care of your mental and emotional health. Lighting exposure plays a role here, but also recognizing that you cannot be a hermit the entire winter even though you want to avoid the cold. Do things with friends and family, go for nature hikes. The fresh air is crisp and breathing that fresh air alone will rejuvenate and refresh you. Click here to read more about red light therapy and how it’s so valuable in the winter months especially.

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