Your Skin is The Largest Organ And These Two Areas On Your Skin Matter Most

Your skin is the largest organ on your body and is the shell to the exterior world that protects your inner biology. Most of us have heard this before and it’s important to be aware of what we put on our skin, on our scalp, under our armpits and more. When we have an organ as large as the skin that is external we forget how important it is.

This old meat suit! But it’s much more than that. It goes far deeper than beauty, looks and appearance as well. Sure, you don’t want your skin to age and it’s great to utilize nature to your advantage in this way. What’s worth noting is that because our skin is the largest organ on our body and it’s external surrounding our entire body it is the most susceptible to environmental toxins.

This is why what our skin faces in our environment (what we are unaware of) and what we put on it consciously are important to pay attention to. Because we don’t necessarily control what’s in our environment, but we do control what we put on our skin, that is worth paying the most attention to.

What You Put on Your Skin Gets in Your Body

It is important to understand that what you put on your skin gets into your body. This then gets into the blood stream, the lymphatic system, and influences the health of our cells. This is why what we put on our skin matters so much. It’s not like putting a chemical on your shoes, or leather jacket. Your skin soaks these things up and takes them in.

The Two Most DANGEROUS Areas On Our Skin

While what we put on our skin matters anywhere because our pores are porous, they take in what we put on it. There are two areas of our skin which are most susceptible to damaging our internal health and biology most. These two areas are simply areas on our body that have the largest pores. Because of this, what we put on these areas of the body get soaked into our body faster than anything. It also soaks more in overall.

These two areas are the armpits and the groin. 

In other words, what you put on your armpits and groin are most assuredly going to get into your body. This means that what you wash your body with in the shower is very important, but also what you put under your armpits for deodorant is important as well. Watch this video to learn more:

I recommend the deodorant Pretty Frank, which you can get on amazon by clicking here. This was formerly called primal pit paste. Many deodorants contain toxic aluminum as well as many other chemicals and synthetic petroleum derived compounds that you do NOT want to put under your armpits.

Additionally, you’ll want to be very mindful of the body was or soap that you use in the shower. These are equally as important as deodorant. I personally use personal care products from Schizandu naturals. They have great body wash products, haircare and more. You can click here to visit Schizandu organics and get beauty bars, soaps, and shampoo bars for 10% off at this special link.

The Skin Lesson Worth Remembering

Anything that you put on your skin from your head to toes will get not only on your skin but into your blood stream. You want to avoid using any chemicals or toxins as these make your immune system fight against something that may not need fighting if you simply used a natural product.

The groin and the armpits you want to be extra mindful of as these are both sensitive areas as well as areas on our body that have the largest pores. This means that you want to use only natural, pure ingredient formulated products on these areas. A good natural, baking soda based deodorant and beauty products from a brand like Schizandu naturals (click here for 10% off) today. 

I hope this article was insightful for you. To get daily health inspiration be sure to follow @healthywildfree on instagram, and Healthy Wild Free on youtube here.

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