The Most Incredible Food For Women – It Helps With Hypothyroidism, Balances Hormones, Eases PMS And Keeps You Pretty

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There are many foods that have a few health benefits, and some that have more, and still others that are labeled ‘superfoods’ as well. I’ve been asked – What makes a superfood a superfood? That’s a great question. It really comes down to the nutritional density of it. Foods that are considered nutritional powerhouses that are packed with nutrients are considered superfoods. If something has double the amount of a vitamin or mineral than other foods, or ten times as much vitamin C, that’s a superfood in my eyes.

There are many superfoods that are grown in the soil, above the soil and that reach for the sky! Today’s superfood that we’ll be exploring is grown under the soil. It’s a root! Enter Maca root!

Maca is native to Peru and has been used for several decades now here in the west as an adaptogen for many health ailments. You’ll be shocked to find out the health benefits of maca as well as how it influences both men and women differently. This root has been something I’ve used in my diet. It’s a powerhouse full of nutritional value. You’ll find that by using it you’ll see the many benefits discussed in today’s article. Before you leave and go ‘maca, yeah, I already know what that is’ stick with us! There are actually three different types of maca and each of them have a variety of benefits for health! While the nutritional value is similar, these roots each play a different role in our health and wellbeing.

For women, maca and it’s variation of varieties is incredible for health, wellness, hormones and so much more. So buckle up!

The Nutritional Value And Benefits Of Maca:

Maca is rich in both iron and iodine. This is beneficial for people who are anemic or may have thyroid issues. Iron supports the body and blood for anemics, and iodine supports the thyroid for people that may be deficient and have hypothyroidism.

Maca also contains a really rich profile of amino acids which are the building blocks of protein. I noticed that when I work out consistently and take maca my body and muscles are more defined. It’s also a great source of fiber which support digestive health and the health of the colon in particular.

It is also rich in vitamins a, b vitamins and c. These vitamins benefit eye health, skin health, the nervous system, immunity and so much more. It is also a great source of calcium which benefits bone health and bone density. It also contains potassium, which is necessary for hydration and muscle health. It also contains manganese, copper and zinc. These are beneficial for connective tissue such as skin, joints and more. Zinc also really benefits the immune system.

These are the baseline nutritional benefits of maca, but this is really just the tip of the iceberg. The baseline benefits so to speak. Wait until you hear what this amazing root does! The root is also adaptogenic which means that it adapts to your body’s needs at any given time. I consider adaptogens by default because they become valuable to you where you’re at. Adaptogens are valuable for everyone’s health and wellness because they adapt to your body’s needs when it needs them.

5 Unconventional Benefits Of Maca Root:

  1. Protects Skin From UV Ray Damage:

    Maca has a unique profile of nutrients that protect the skin and keep it youthful, this prevents excessive UV damage. It also has a rich amino acid profile which keeps the skin youthful, beauty and healthy! I’ve noticed my muscles develop better also. Hair, skin, nails and any connective tissue are sterngthend by macaw!

  2. Maca Gets You Going By Boosting Libido:

    You’re welcome in advance. No need to thank me for all the wild sex you’ll be having on maca. Be warned, macaw can get you going a bit too much. I have noticed my sex drive can be too high sometimes when on macaw to the point where I get distracted too easily. I like to use maca at the best times. Right before a workout and before a romantic date with your partner is not a bad idea also! It also boosts fertility as well, so be careful with this one!

  3. Maca Boosts Brain Health & Memory:

    Maca keeps your brain healthy and young and improves memory. There are many animal studies that prove this. This keeps your brain young, active and memory strong! Prolonged use of macaw protects the brain.

  4. Maca Balances Hormonal Health & PMS Symptoms:

    Maca helps to balance hormones and helps to also manage PMS symptoms. Research has shown that macaw can reduce both physical and emotional symptoms of PMS in women. In one study it reduced cramps, bloating and mood swings.

  5. Maca Increases Breast Size:

    Believe it or not there have been multiple women now that have come forward and shared that taking maca has increased their breast size. Some claiming that they saw a full cup, even two full cup increase in breast size. This is because maca is rich in strengthening minerals and vitamins as well as amino acids. It also helps to balance and strengthen hormones, many of which are produced in the breast tissue. This causes maca to dedicate a lot of nutritional and adaptogenic resources to the breast tissue as a whole.

Maca can also help to lower blood pressure, fight osteoporosis, can reduce and fight the symptoms of menopause and so much more. It even contains an antioxidant known as glucosinolates which helps to prevent cancer as well as to inhibit cancer cell growth. How incredible is that? 

Maca is an adaptogenic root that is nutritionally rich, an adaptogen that supports hormonal health, rich in amino acids which are the building blocks of protein. It prevents aging, reduces stress and helps to keep your body stronger, full of health and vitality. You’ll love how you feel physically and mentally on maca. It gives you more of a charge. A charge of energy, a charge of life and a charge of vitality! You’ll feel the boost. I recommend getting Maca from Terrasoul superfoods because it’s organic by clicking here. 

It is also worth knowing that there are three different types of maca. Yellow, red and black. We shared the nutritional value and benefits of yellow maca today in this article but will cover more in future stories so be sure to bookmark

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