21 Reasons To Let Your Biology Experience The Vast Benefits of Radiate 21 Including Gut Lining Repair, Lymphatic Detoxification and Mitigating Radiation Damage

If you’ve been a health and wellness advocate for a while by now I’m sure you’ve experimented with a lot of different supplements and superfoods. Most of us have! It starts with a multi-vitamin, then leads into superfoods, supernutrients, herbs, mushrooms, Adaptogens and more.

In my health journey I know that I have. Experimented with a range of botanicals from all different parts of the world with many different applications and uses.

Gone are the days of multivitamins, especially once you learn that minerals are more important than vitamins. 

And then, hopefully at some point you also learn that there are many supplements that utilize synthetic vitamins and claim to do the same thing as a whole food derived vitamin. Vitamin C is most commonly created and sold in synthetic form, and this can actually cause health issues, doing more damage than good.

At some point you’ll get to a point in your health journey where even most supplements at the health food store aren’t up to the standards that you’ve set for yourself. Now, when I go to a health food store I recognize that a good majority or nutritional therapeutics in health food stores aren’t even that valuable unfortunately.

They contain Synethetic nutrients, isolated nutrients or focus too heavily on vitamins and don’t have the essential minerals necessary that the body needs.

If you’re like me, you may have gotten to a point where you looked at your supplement cabinet and thought “This is ridiculous, I take so much but am not sure what works anymore.”

I had four full cabinets in my kitchen dedicated to supplements and superfoods and If someone had asked me what works and what’s worth using I’d tell you these few, but the rest I am unsure.

How many factors are there when you buy a supplement that influence its effectiveness?

A lot.. but let’s list a few!

  1. Quality of those ingredients
  2. Whole food source or synthetically derived
  3. Combination of these ingredients to work synergetically
  4. Processing of these ingredients such as extraction methods, if petroleum solvents used etc.
  5. Bioavailability of the formula (how absorbable is it at a cellular level?)
  6. Are there any additives or preservative that are not healthy?The list could go on and on, but these are all questions to consider when purchasing any supplement or superfood.

When it came down to it I wanted something in my cupboard that literally replaced three to five supplements and helped me maintain my gut health, immunity, lymphatic health, liver health, blood health and more. This is how and why Radiate 21 was born.

Radiate 21 is a blend of 21 botanicals from Amazonian, Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine that have been used and proven for thousands of years to combat health challenges and built the vitality of the human body.

Here’s 21 Reasons to Give Radiate 21 a shot Today..

  1. Sangre de grado is the main ingredient in the formula. This is the highest rated ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) antioxidant in the WORLD. This antioxidant is a sticky tree sap that helps to heal and seal the gut lining so it’s particularly good for anyone with leaky gut issues.
  2. Una De Gato is another ingredient in the formula, also known as cats claw. This pairs very well with Sangre de grado and the research around Una De Gato shows that it really supports lung and oxygen health in the body. In fact, smokers or second-hand smokers who took Una De Gato for just two weeks had all tobacco metabolites completely removed from their urine in that time. In other words, the by-products of tobacco were cleaned out of the blood and urine in just two weeks with Una De Gato. If you have smoked, been around smokers or have lung or breathing issues this is a must.
  3. Camu Camu is the third ingredient in the formula. This berry is the 2nd highest source of vitamin C in the world and has the unique ability to help balance serotonin (your happy hormone) levels in your brain. People who experience camu camu berry say that it helps them clear their mind and brightens their day! It helps you start your day on a positive and encouraging note.
  4. Suma is the fourth ingredient in Radiate 21. The last of the Amazon botanicals batch of ingredients in the formula. This root helps to balance sex hormones in the body, it makes for a good night’s loving and increases energy levels, strength and vitality. It has a unique blend of amino acids that help your muscles stay strong and fit as well. Stay energized and sexy with this root.
  5. Orange, lemon and lime extract are three other ingredients in the formula. These add more vitamin C and bioflavonoids that support the health of the liver. The liver manages over 600 biological functions in the body so these citrus elements not only enhance the flavor of the formula but help to remove toxins out of the body by detoxifying the liver.
  6. Coconut is another component of the formula, this is added to help the essential oils in the formula to absorb and be utilized in the body fully.
  7. Oregano is another element of Radiate 21. Oregano is perhaps the strongest anti-fungal component in the world. This is great for preventing yeast infections, ladies. It’s also great for preventing athletes foot.. men!
  8. Cinnamon is in the formula to help to balance the blood sugar levels of the body. This is important because our blood sugar levels staying balanced and healthy influence our body in it’s capacity to store or burn fat. Keep your blood sugar levels balanced to burn fat effectively!
  9. Neem is a powerful ayurvedic herb in the formula. Neem is a liver supportive herb and blood cleanser. This helps to clean the body, blood, and liver. It also really helps the gums and teeth to stay healthy. In India they use neem as an oral health solution and don’t need toothpaste because of this one powerful plant. Their rate of cavities are much lower in the regions that use this also.
  10. Mint is in the formula to open up the lungs and to allow for a calmer and more oxygenating formula. Many herbs in this formula support the health of the lungs and lymphatic system, neem happens to be one of them.
  11. Cedar essential oil is in the formula as it supports the respiratory systems of the body. Namely the lungs and lymphatic system, and also the immune system as it has antifungal and antibacterial properties as well.
  12. Geranium flower is in the formula as it is very beneficial for balancing hormones, especially for women. This helps to help balance hormones, making it useful for managing symptoms related to menstruation and menopause.
  13. Lemongrass is a powerful aid in the formula that helps to calm and relax the body, improving sleep quality turning regular sleep into beauty sleep. It also helps to aid in healing skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis or any other skin condition. It helps to tone and tighten the skin.
  14. Clove is in the Radiate 21 formula because it has the very unique benefit of helping the body to produce Hydrogen. Hydrogen is an atomic element that has been scientifically proven to help protect the body from the damaging effects of radiation and EMF’s (electromagnetic frequencies) that are emitted by devices like smartphones, tablets and anything that has a 5G, wifi or bluetooth signal.
  15. Citronella was added to the Radiate 21 formula to support respiratory and lymphatic health as well as to relieve any head tension or headaches. This calms the body and supports oxygen to flow freely, the number one nutrient for life and health. Many components of the Radiate 21 formula support oxygenation of the body as it is so important and rarely focused on or talked about.
  16. Kelp was added to the formula to give the body a valuable source of Iodine and sea minerals that support the health of the Thyroid which helps to regulate body temperature and metabolism.
  17. Chrysanthemum flower was added to the formula to protect the liver from damage as it plays such a pivotal role in our health and lives. This flower also helps to support the respiratory system and flow of oxygen as well!
  18. Garlic was added to the Radiate 21 formula simply because it’s a staple when it comes to immunity and works wonders to keep the immune system healthy or get it back on track.
  19. Lastly, Ashwagandha was added to the formula as it’s one of the most powerful adaptogen aids for stress that you can take. This helps to lower cortisol, your stress hormone and keep your body feeling strong and capable through life’s challenges.
  20. The Radiate 21 formula is nano-emulsified for bioavailability. To translate this into english, it absorbs very well by the body because the size of the plants in the formula have been broken down really really small so that the body can utilize the formula efficiently and it goes further. Think of the formula as being blended together and in such a small cut down way that your body can absorb it quickly and use it effectively.
  21. The last reason to use Radiate 21 is very simple. You’re getting 21 botanicals for gut health, lymphatic health, lung health, liver health and more for what would normally be three to five supplements in other formulas at a cost that’s far cheaper and simpler. It’s easier, it is a powerful potent formula that packs a punch for the strength of your immunity, gut and body and the price is now cheaper than ever.This formula was $79, and well worth it. But now it’s just $49, $39 or even $29 per bottle for a limited time only based on how many bottles you pick up today. This is the lowest price it has been and will ever be.

    Grab the formula, before it runs out. You’ll be glad you did. Visit Radiate21.com to learn more.

    Here are some videos that explain the formula further:

    Visit Radiate21.com To Benefit from these Powerful botanicals today.

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